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Jan 3, 2024
Indian Ringneck
Hi fellow bird lovers,

I have a beautiful grey Indian Ringneck (Alfonso) who turned 1 on November 21st. We're quite certain he's a male as I've seen him. doing what looks like a mating dance with some of his toys but he hasn't developed his ring yet. We brought home a beautiful 4 month old Alexandrine who is yet to be named yesterday afternoon. We left the alexandrine in his/her cage and Alfonso was out and about. He noticed the alexandrine in the cage and sussed him through the cage. He got a bit nippy and was biting the alexandrines beak and nibbling at his feet. I took him away to make sure he didn't bite too hard and injure the alexandrine. Alfonso bit me quite hard which he never does when I asked him to "step up" I didnt react and talked gently too him like I normally do and he charge at me and bit me on my face (which he never does). He's been biting my mum, my partner and I since we brought the alexandrine home but he'll then follow it up with a little chirp or say one of his phrases. It's only day 2 today and he's very harsh with his bites. It doesn't seem aggressive he almost seems frustrated. He flys to me constantly on top of my head but then bites whatever he can get his beak on. I try to protect my face and ears with my hair because he tries to lash out and attack my face but he managed to suddenly bite the sensitive skin between my armpit and shoulder which was quite painful which has lead me to this post.

Is he angry with us for bringing another bird in?
Will he adjust?
Is it a dominance or territorial reaction?
Do birds get jealous?

We feel like he's really upset with us and it feels like a "how dare you bring another bird home" :(

Appreciate all the wisdom, experiences and advice.

Attached photos of my feather babies to put faces to some of the names aha.



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Dec 9, 2021
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Welcome to the forums!

Sorry you’re dealing with this. It sounds like he’s probably expressing some jealousy and frustration.
Something I’d recommend starting, target training, maybe start through the cage bars so you aren’t bitten by Alfonso.
Jealousy is common when a new parrot is brought in. Sometimes, it works itself out and sometimes it’s tough and certain birds can’t be let out together.

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