leg injury

  1. F

    My parrot toe got squished

    My green cheek conure toe got squished by chair casters wheel, What should i do, in my current time the vets are not available now(closed)
  2. J

    Sun conure baby suggestion

    So my sun baby's parents plucked its feathers. Will they grow back? its age is around 40 days.
  3. CricketIRN

    Leg/foot injury

    When I got my RN 3 moths ago she had a limp/ kept her foot up. I asked the seller if she was injured recently. Which he didn’t answer truthfully. I took her to a vet, prescribed vitamins and antibiotics. It seemed she was getting a little better but. After the course of medicine finished she...
  4. CricketIRN

    Indian ringneck leg injury

    I got Durra on August 9 she came with a limp. It’s going to be a month now and she still limps. She hops around sometimes using her other leg. She does walk sparingly and her grip is good. And she never stretches it out. I’m scared it’s broken and there are no avian vets in my country. What...