lovebird help please

  1. PepeLoro/Mango

    Sudden discoloration

    Hey yall, recently I've noticed that my love bird (mango) has a sudden change in the feathers on the tips of her wings (her elbows I think) and I'm worried if it's because of her diet, she still doenst eat fresh foods, and is very picky when eating, currently she's on an all seed diet. I've...
  2. Dylan Longman

    Nasal Discharge

    My new lovebird of 20-25 has sneezed a couple of times. Some of them having discharge. Should I take him to a vet? He doesn't act differently or anything, he only sneezes seldomly. But should I get this checked out just in case?
  3. I

    My lovebird is just too scared

    Hello! I hope you’re having a good day. Alright so I’m new lovebird owner I know absolutely adore and Love mine. I got it about 2 weeks ago from a bird store. First of all, they weren’t treating the poor guy well there, and they were keeping Like 20 of them in one small cage and grabbed them...
  4. L

    2 month and half lovebird care

    Hello everyone, I just had my Lovebird from the breeder, he told me it is 2 months and half, but until now she can't eat the seeds. It is lazy a little bit, she doesn't drink water I have to give her water with syringe, is it normal? When can I give her bath? How often should I feed her the...
  5. S

    Green skin???

    Help, my sweet little papaya has green skin on her legs. both of them. I only noticed this yesterday but did not realize how big of a spot it is on her. She is about 4 years old and hasn't shown any sign of illness. I give her and skye (her partner) fruits and seeds and a cuttle bone so it cant...
  6. B

    How to stop a lovebird from biting

    I’ve recently gotten a pair of lovebirds that were probably taken out of their nestbox too late, I received them as they were essentially “rejected” bu their previous buyer, I was hoping I could help them in someway. They are scared of human hands and would fly away if too close or bite very...
  7. S

    Love Bird Siblings help

    Hello! I have looked all over for more information on love birds and while a lot of it has been helpful I would love to hear from real people about a concern I have. I have two young lovebird siblings named Zuko and Azula. I'm not exactly sure of their age (or gender) but I was told they were...
  8. L

    Help! 4 week lovebird not taking handfeed formula

    Hi, I am trying to hand-feed a 4 week old baby which does not even open the mouth after a bit of formula, afterwards whatever I put in her mouth she just throws it off. I am required to for feed her but I am unable to fill the crop for last 24 hours. You can see the bird in the pictures I...
  9. M

    URGENT- 1 day old lovebird!!!

    Hello, so I have a 1 day old lovebird and dont know what to do, I have formula, and im keeping him warm with an infrared light, i also have a termometer to measure the temperature, how often should I feed him and should I feed him throught the night? I have him because my boyfriend's lovebirds...
  10. D

    One of my lovebirds died

    Hello everyone in the forum, I'm new here and happy to meet all of you. Unfortunately I'm looking for some very serious advice, yesterday afternoon one of my lovebirds had passed away all of a sudden. She was always with her siblin, I know that even if they are siblings they form a very tight...
  11. P

    Scared Lovebird

    Hi there! I need some advice with my five year old lovebird. I got her 2 months ago when somebody needed to rehome her. Her old mate had passed away and she was crying for a new one. I got a 2 year old lovebird and he loves all the attention. The guy who sold Chika (the one I am asking advise...
  12. B

    Can I Transport Lovebirds Frequently?

    Hello. I’m considering acquiring a Peach Faced lovebird. I’m a first time bird owner, so I need a little information. My sister and I are planning to get two birds. But we go from my mothers house to my dads every week or so. So I was wondering if it would be bad for a pair of lovebirds to...
  13. A

    Young, hurt lovebird(pictures of hurt bird) Need help.

    A young lovebird(hatched 5december) got attacked by the cat at school, he is over the shock(I belive, the attack happend 6hours ago) and eats a little(given him fruit smoothie without stuff added in). He also ate a small piece of apple He won't eat from a bowl(if I'm holding seeds he eats them...
  14. A

    New Lovebird Parent

    Hello all, Back in November, I purchased two young Lovebirds (I was told they were about two months old; Both of their beaks were about 75% brown) from a breeder. I previously owned Budgies when I was a child, although I didn't quite know how to tame them back then. I've watched various...
  15. R

    Suggestions on homemade treats and recipes for lovebirds?

    Hello guys i am new lovebird owner, i have a lovely peach faced love bird only 3 months old, I am just wanting some suggestions on nice homemade food/treats i can make for my lovely little baby girl :):rainbow1: I was also wandering what age you you guys recommend to get a DNA test to see how...
  16. Jedig

    Non-toxic bird cages

    I had noticed that my lovebird has been urinating frequently and in big amounts. I took him to the vet a few days ago and they took x-rays which showed that he has small pieces of metal inside his body. I was absolutely shocked and devastated at the same time. He is currently at the vet...
  17. K

    A little freaked out

    This afternoon my boyfriend noticed my lovebird sleeping face down on the bottom of her cage next to an egg! She's almost 4 and had never laid an egg! I have two other birds (another female lovebird in another cage and an Alexandrine). For me this completely came out of the blue. She had no...
  18. T

    question regarding baby lovebird

    Hi, I'm new. Anyways, yesterday i found a baby lovebird, maybe it is is a lovebird. moving on, I bought it's food (kaytee's product). Well, it hardly eats and spent all day long sleeping, I'm not sure of its age too. So in this case what should I do? i'm really worried!