lovebirds food

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    Young, hurt lovebird(pictures of hurt bird) Need help.

    A young lovebird(hatched 5december) got attacked by the cat at school, he is over the shock(I belive, the attack happend 6hours ago) and eats a little(given him fruit smoothie without stuff added in). He also ate a small piece of apple He won't eat from a bowl(if I'm holding seeds he eats them...
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    Suggestions on homemade treats and recipes for lovebirds?

    Hello guys i am new lovebird owner, i have a lovely peach faced love bird only 3 months old, I am just wanting some suggestions on nice homemade food/treats i can make for my lovely little baby girl :):rainbow1: I was also wandering what age you you guys recommend to get a DNA test to see how...
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    Love bird taming

    Hi guys I'm new to bird keeping, but I saw a pair of love birds 12 weeks old and fell in love. Anyway, I have been looking for a while for a almost 'model' of taming a pair of love birds. (most seem to be directed at a single bird). I have had them coming up to 3 weeks now and I'm making...
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    Lovebird don't want to eat fruit/vegetables

    Hi all, i recently acquired a tammed lovebird (feed by hand), received it about 4 days ago. Can see a picture of Sky(walker) here: Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet :) I really don't know if its a he/she so Sky is generic. He is very docile and is getting pretty well with me and...
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    lovebirds food ?

    :green: hai to everyone i am new to own i need some help to feed them. please name some exact food items to feed.... rather than seeds, leafs,vegetables like that...if you put some images of food it is pretty help full for me and other members too... currently i feed...