macaw behavior

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    Miss Mia
  2. B

    Rescue Blue and Gold

    Hello everyone! After years of wanting a companion bird, I made one of the scariest but also most exciting decisions of my life! On Saturday, I went and met a rescue B&G macaw. He was surrendered by his previous owner due to declining health and resulting inability to care for him. I'm not sure...
  3. Z

    My Macaw hates the cage during the day! Help!

    I have a 7-8 months old Catalina Macaw, and he hates to be put inside the cage during the day! Here is what happens: In the morning at around 9am, I take him out of the cage and put him on his tree, where he hangs out. At first he will fly around the room just to stretch his wings and then...
  4. S

    New military Macaw being noises any tips

    So we just got our beautiful military macaw charlie, yesterday. Charlie’s our first parrot, we’ve had smaller birds such as budgies and finches for some background Charlie was fine last night but today hasn’t stopped screaming and won’t eat. We’ve had him out of his cage and he was okay once...
  5. T

    Planning to get my 1st Green Winged Macaw

    Hi all macaw keepers, :red1: This is my first posts here. I live in Thailand where there's always sun and rain most of the year. I do have a garden space to build an aviary and a separate room in my house prepared for them. So as I'm planning to get my 1st Green winged Macaw :red1: (From...
  6. Sunnybirb

    Some things that helped me with a macaw who hates men

    I wanted to make a post just about this, since it seems to be a pretty common problem with rescued parrots. I'm no expert, but I wanted to share the things that have been effective and the process itself. Keep in mind, it's been months and months to get here; it didn't happen overnight and takes...
  7. S

    Help Hand Raising 8 week Blue & Gold Macaw

    Hi! I thought i would take a moment and introduce myself, I'm Montana & i have a new baby Blue & Gold Macaw. This is my first macaw but not my first time hand feeding. I used to raise ducklings and fostered a 5 year old african grey for about 6 months. I'm super excited about my baby!! His name...
  8. K

    Blue gold macaw won't stop yelling pls help

    Hello! I'm new here. About 2 years ago me and my husband got a rescued blue gold macaw. Looks like he's been abused because he was in a really bad shape and he's plucking his feathers. The problem we are having now is that recently he started yelling in the early morning for a looong time. He...
  9. K

    Noble macaw update #2

    so last post i was working with a couple problems ive had with my baby noble and some are now pretty much corrected, while others... not so much! her fear of other people is getting better. she will let others approch her with out getting to nervous and will actually stay perched and not move...
  10. J

    Traumatized Rescue Macaw

    I've recently begun volunteering at an exotic bird rescue and we have a new macaw that came from a hoarder. He has been treated for illnesses and is no longer physically sick, but all he does is sit on his perch with his head bend over and shake one of his arms. The other volunteers are having...
  11. BluBirdsMom

    Hello Everyone...I'm a Newby

    Hello Everyone.. I'm New to the forum, but not new to birds. I am currently owned by a Harlequin Macaw 25yrs old and a little lovebird. I also have a Boston Terrier. My husband and I are proud Parents of 3 kids. Our kids are 23,19,and 12. All but one kid has moved out. Our Daughter gave us our...
  12. Lindylou277

    Have you seen "foot slapping" before?

    Coqui does this when she seems to be contented. Sometimes peri-sleeping. Has anyone seen this before? Coqui foot slapping - YouTube
  13. Lindylou277

    Coqui's first real shower: Cuteness Alert!

    Her first sink bath: Coqui's first sink shower - YouTube Her first human shower experience Coqui's First Shower 1 - YouTube She won't get out of the shower Coqui's first shower #2 - YouTube After 30 minutes she finally walked out of the shower! Coqui's first shower - YouTube At 10 years old...
  14. Lindylou277

    B&G (Coqui) becomes anxious Screams when hearing noise

    Hi All, I inherited Coqui from my 93y/o mother in law at Christmas time. I'm a first time owner and Coqui is around 10 years old. We have all had to adjust to each other and are doing OK. I'm still having a problem with the screaming. No problem with the morning and evening "call of the wild"...
  15. L

    CONFUSED *read please *don't skip

    i went to go visit the macaw at the rescue the address i received brought me to the foster home. this lady was more of a cockatoo person she had over ten all given up (no surprise). the blue and gold macaw name is buddy he is 10 he has 2 owners the first was a male had him since he was weaned...