male or female

  1. J

    Green cheek conure head bobbing?

    I have been spending a lot of time with my green cheek conure lately but for the past two days he/she is head bobbing and regurgitating food while sitting with me... does this mean he’s a male or is it something both genders do? He just turned 20 a few weeks ago and I haven’t really seen this...
  2. Siorys

    6/7 month cockatiel shows both male and female breeding behaviours?

    Hello! I recently got a new tiel and now that it's growing up it's confusing me loads. I noticed that he "relieves himself" on objects like a male cockatiel would do and he'sstarting to sing too and is really really attention seeking and noisy, but for some reason he shows some female...
  3. T

    Budgie boy or girl?

    Hi all, My girlfriend has a budgie and it's supposed to be a boy but she spoke to a lady who works in a pet shop and she told her that it's a girl. If it's a girl, shouldn't it be laying eggs like any female bird? We are a bit confused and would appreciate some help Thanks, here's a picture...
  4. A

    Meyers Parrot- Male vs Female?

    Hi there, I have done Infinite amount of research on Meyers parrot and have decided they are the one for me. Good amount of cuddles/low noise/ not one person bird/ laid back etc I am a female. And I'm wondering if there is much difference between male and female Meyers? Any recommendations? I...
  5. S

    Brown head male versus female, younger versus older

    Hi everyone. I had a Caique until about 7 months ago (died unexpectedly....). Decided to go with a Poi since they are of a similar size but quieter. I have zeroed in on the brown headed parrot. I have seen 2 recently: a male and a female. Both are about 8-9 months old. My questions are: 1. Is...