mean bird

  1. Quetki

    Aggressive lovebird

    I have a crippled lovebird and it hates hands. It only takes treats from hands and even then will try to bite you sometimes. Does anyone know how I can tame it? I also have a Conure and am too scared to see if it'll bite it. They were chatting but when I got him closer to the cage he started...
  2. Quetki

    new Senegal

    My father got a Senegal recently and I've been having trouble with it. I would call it a "mean" bird, but really it's just cage aggressive, for some reason when I sit by its cage it'll dance, and talk to me like saying "hi!". This is strange because it hasn't done this with any other family...
  3. H

    My Conure Now Hates Me... Advice?

    Hi There, Context of our bird situation - We have three birds, two conures, Tito and Susie, and an Indian Ring-neck, Ollie. They are all buddies, except Tito and Susie are housed together and have been for years, they are buds. Ollie has his own cage. Tito is about 3 1/2 yo, Susie 1 1/2yo and...