1. B

    to mirror or not to mirror?

    To mirror, or not to mirror? That is the question. My conure is just over 3 months old, fully weaned. He's a velcro bird! Always wants to be ON me - especially my head! (just where I don't want him!) I have never used a mirror for any of my past birds and they have all bonded to me...
  2. G

    Yet Another Conure Question

    Hello! Thanks for the support on my first question and I can tell they both have different personalities so I would have to do a bit more research into how they act. Two quick questions, I may easily be able to afford the time and care to look after my bird. I have heard if you are away for a...
  3. S

    Need Ideas!

    I am running out of toy ideas for my Conure, Rio. HELP! He does not like paper no matter the type - bags, boxes, cardboard, toilet paper - even if it has a treat in it. He isn't much on plastic parts either. He likes things made of metal he can open or take apart. - metal rings, etc. He also...
  4. happycat

    I got my kakariki!

    Okay so, I waited too long and didnt get my other kakariki (it got sold to someone else) I was really sad, but we went back and I fell in love with two more! It was really hard to pick but I finally chose and got him the 24th! He is so funny and sweet. He was scared at first on the bumpy car...