1. M

    Renting - appartment has 2 smells please help!

    Hi, I am having to rent soon and have already signed everything. It is spacious and has a bedroom (if I need to do light cooking, use microwave). The building is I believe pretty old but appartments seem well maintained. This appartment has radiators at the bottom of the floor for heat no...
  2. L

    Has anyone owned cholla wood? Is this mold or normal? How concerning is mold? Should I toss out everything that was nearby? Thank you
  3. Z

    Help! Mold

    Let me just get this out of the way: Yes, I know mold is bad. Yes, all of the birds are upstairs in our split level house. No, there is nowhere outside the house for them to go. Ok, so my question is, how do I get rid of mold? I've heard vinegar is okay. Any specific instructions? From anyone...
  4. F

    Found mold on our GCC's water bowl in her sleeping cage - please take care!

    UPDATE: Hi everyone! Thank you for your comments, I put this in the description of the video but I don't think it was clear... So we clean our water bowls and food bowls daily. We went on a trip for a few days and during the trip, this water bowl was not used by anyone. Our pet sitter used SS...
  5. Billdore

    Emergency or Not????

    I fed my baby half of a chestnut and now I discover the other half has some green mildew or mold of some kind on it. I didn't see any on the half I gave her feeding it by hand but I do remember seeing a couple small little spots on the part she ate. Is this an emergency? I know peanuts are...