1. threat2society

    African grey plucked (?) feather

    my 8 month old CAG is going through her first molt and she's having a lot of feathers falling out. I collect them and put them in a little album i have, for memories. Yesterday i found these two at the bottom of her cage. They kind of look chewed off, compared to the others. Did she pluck them?
  2. A

    Rough Molt?

    I’ve had my budgie for 2.5 years and have never had a problem with molting before. Today as I went to play with her I noticed a medium sized bald spot close to/touching her cere. I have recently converted her to Harrisons Pellets for small birds and she seems to enjoy it just as much as the...
  3. KawaiiTori


    I’m sure that I’m just not searching under the right terms but I can’t seem to get a clear idea of the whole molting process anywhere! I am a complete newbie when it comes to being a bird mom and am trying to educate myself as best as possible. I recently adopted a Green Cheek Conure that is...
  4. H

    Adopted a mealy Amazon

    Hi everyone. I’ve owned cockatiels for about 5 years and someone my partner works with asked if I’d be able to take on his Dad’s parrot as he is very ill and in and out of hospital a lot and was unable to look after him anymore. I was apprehensive as I’d never owned a parrot before, only my...
  5. Pansexualpuns

    Unusually long molt?

    So!! Back in February I adopted my first bird, a black capped conure. Hes around 8-9 years old (hatched 2009, no exact date) and has been molting for what seems like FOREVER. I got him mid February, and discovered that he was on a seed only diet with only the occasional fruit for supplement...
  6. ScooterMcTavish


    Hey All, Just noticed over the last few days that Monty seems to be molting a bit harder, and he's been pretty crabby, and is sleeping more than normal. Appetite (of course) is still good. His poor noggin' is full of sheathed feathers, and he's finally started dropping his trimmed flight...
  7. Uglow

    Head feathers, first sign of molt?

    Hi guys, So, Uglow is now just over six months old. This is his first spring. Three weeks ago I noticed his first colored feather on my arm. tiny. probably a head or upper neck feather. it wasn't chewed up or anything. Fast forward to two days ago, I found another one. Yesterday he lost...
  8. D

    Molting or Plucking?

    Hi Forum, Im sure this question has been asked a million times but I would love your feedback as I am a fairly new macaw owner. Recently, I found a patch of empty (bald spot?) on my Illiger's Macaw that I had never seen before. Goozoo is 8 years old and was adopted roughly 4 months ago. He's...
  9. A

    New to the forum - help with molting lovebird please!

    Hi everyone I have recently joined the forum and am seeking advice regarding my male lovebird Iggy. He is about 4 years old and this might be his first molt. Firstly, is that strange? I have noticed pin feathers, particularly on his back around his shoulders, for about 1 month now. But in...
  10. bettietheripper

    Does your sun conure ever shake a lot?

    Pipa is now a year and 3 months old, and she is doing good so far. She has a temper, and bites all the time, ignoring all her toys and going for the fingers instead, but that's another topic for another time. She's also started to put her butt on my hands, even face, which I obviously stop...
  11. K

    Molt or Not?

    Good evening y'all. Just wanted to run something by your guys expertise. My GCC, Lulu is recently losing feathers. Not sure as to what the cause may be. I took her in from a bad home. Was told she was 2. I don't know for certain. Very friendly to me, doesn't bite at all. Quiet too by conure...
  12. LadiDy

    Molt vs. Mites

    I know all birds molt, especially around the spring time of the year. But what about mites, do all birds have mites? Would a bird with mites be picking and pulling his/her feathers the same as when preening or molting? Just need some education. Was told by a wise grandmother that there are no...
  13. Anniele27

    Losing feathers prematurely?

    I have a congo african grey, Ava, that just turned 10 months old yesterday. These past 2 weeks I've been finding more and more feathers. More than just the usual white downy feathers. Its been a 2 small grey top-of-the-wing feathers and two regular long wing feathers. Today I also noticed that...
  14. R

    Losing tail feathers, normal?

    This is Cleo and her tail suddenly looks like this. I notice she has been losing lots of feathers lately and a few tail feathers, so I assume she is molting. But I've never seen so much tail feather loss in one time. She has little nubby feathers coming in but I just want to see if this is...
  15. S

    need help macaw feather/sheath

    so i can see lola is molting and lots of new sheaths coming through on her head and back. i noticed one of the larger feathers on her back was coming through kind of split so ive located the sheath which is breaking away nicely round the outside but it seems that there is something hard on the...
  16. veimar

    Molting or not?

    Hi, I read about molting online a lot, but I don't quite understand what's going on with Parry and if that's normal. He is about 6 mo old and about a month ago he lost two big tail feathers in two days. I thought he started his first molt, but he didn't loose any feathers since then although he...
  17. N

    Long/Neverending Molt

    My green cheek conure, Ducki, has been molting for what seems like forever. I am aware that birds should molt once or twice a year and sometimes it can last months, but I am pretty sure she has not gone out of a molt in years. She molts her tail and wings on a more usual schedule but her head...
  18. F

    Breaking feathers!

    My 14 month old female Eclectus parrot's feathers are all breaking off! I read somewhere that they molt sometime in the spring...but the feathers aren't falling out normally...their breaking! All of her tail feathers has broken in half (it looks like she doesn't have a tail!) and just today one...
  19. P

    Conure molting???Please answer!

    I went to go check on my 5 month old conure after school, and his stomach is almost bare! The feathers on his back are coming off. He is eating normal, his water is changed every day, poo is normal. We recently got a quaker, whos cage is in the same room, could that be stressing him out? If he...
  20. Manda_Rae

    Molting remedies

    My Hahn's Macaw, Kiki, just turned 2 in June and this Fall she is having a TERRIBLE molt she is just miserable....she will hardly eat only playing a little, she lets me help her a little but she is just miserable. Does anyone have any natural suggestions to help ease her itchiness?