Losing tail feathers, normal?


Aug 6, 2014

This is Cleo and her tail suddenly looks like this. I notice she has been losing lots of feathers lately and a few tail feathers, so I assume she is molting. But I've never seen so much tail feather loss in one time. She has little nubby feathers coming in but I just want to see if this is normal. She is eating, drinking, playing and active like normal. No changes other than lots of tiny feathers lost which again I presume is normal molting, and then a big chunk of tail feathers lost.:yellow2:
Everyone at my house is molting right now.

I've got feathers everywhere. Some of them are tail feathers...
Zilla is molting and losing flight and tail feathers.

She thinks I am crazy for taking them out of her cage and saving them!

I tell her Mommy has plans for those feathers you threw away, give me some more...LOL
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Oh okay, so I guess even though it's a little odd she lost a big chunk of feathers at once, this is still nothing to be worried about? She looks so weird without a long tail I was getting worried lol. I see her tail feathers in the cage but there's tons of tiny ones too. She seems okay though, I have never seen her pluck, she's always busy playing with toys or bothering Merlin. Lol. I'm just glad she doesn't appear to be in pain. Before Tiki died he had a TERRIBLE molt this past summer, god I felt so bad he just had pins sticking out everywhere :( I always feel bad for birds suffering from molting!

But I love collecting their feathers too!!!! :D They're so cute hehe

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