1. psitticine

    Mood Swings

    Hi all! Questions about my Quaker's behavior as of late: Usually she is very friendly and sweet, playful, mostly chill with being touched. In the past few days she's been, well... bitchy. She wants to fly to my shoulder and hang out but not be touched. She's happy to step up to my finger most...
  2. Strangebird

    Is an alex being this needy and demanding normal?

    My close to 5 months Alexandrine is getting a bit too demanding lately. Since I work at home and rarely leave - and spend almost all my time in the same room as him, and make sure to entertain him whenever he wants me to - he got a little too... needy. First off, he's gotten into the habit of...
  3. gadlaw

    18 Year Old Greenwing sullen and moody

    Hi forum. I've been puzzling about my Greenwing's recent behavior and it occurred to me that there might be a Macaw forum somewhere so a bit of Google and here I am. My boy, Hiro who you see in my picture has become withdrawn and sullen. It's been happening for a few months but now he's...
  4. T

    Painting my nails is a gamble..

    I have a green cheek and he has his moods like any parrot but I usually know how to handle him so that he's comfortable and satisfied. I've had him for a little over a year now and I've always painted my nails and it used to bother him at first but now he usually doesn't react to them. I took...
  5. M

    Is my Conure in heat?!

    I couldn't find anything about it online and I'm not even sure birds do that, but that is what her behavior seems like. For the past few weeks instead of hopping onto my hand when I go to her cage, she will shy away from my hand at first, then come up to it and rub her head, bite my hand (very...