Dec 23, 2022
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Hi all! Questions about my Quaker's behavior as of late:

Usually she is very friendly and sweet, playful, mostly chill with being touched. In the past few days she's been, well... bitchy. She wants to fly to my shoulder and hang out but not be touched. She's happy to step up to my finger most of the times I ask. After a minute she either flies away or starts biting me or whatever is on my desk. Just a minute ago she flew to me and bit me hard on the face. Didn't draw blood or anything, she never has, but this was completely unexpected and painful. She usually bites or nibbles my fingers, but never a pointed and clearly intentional bite like that. One of the few times I've actually gotten mad at her. I immediately put her down and left the room.

She has foraging toys and toys to bite in her cage and outside of it, I change them out regularly. I've been training her lately too, and she's been just as vocal as usual so I don't think she's bored. For the last few days all she's really wanted to do is mess with her toys, vocalize, and forage on her tray. Her diet has not changed at all. She gets chop in the morning which she munches on over a few hours, and constant access to pellets and of course water. I'm not really worried that this is a health issue because we just saw the vet for her yearly exam last week. What could be bothering her? Could it be the change of seasons rather than something to do with her immediate environment? Do quakers just have spurts of bitchiness as a part of their nature?

I don't know if this is worth mentioning, but just in case: A few weeks before this, she became scared of her play gym and the table where I usually put her on her foraging tray. She used to be fine with both and for some reason she won't go near them now.


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Jan 9, 2023
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All I can say is that my Quaker has been in a mood lately too! He wants head scratches, but then he bites me, wants me in the room, but has that “come closer; I dare ya” look. He’s been screaming more too. Seems like the wrong time of year for hormones, but who knows! When he acts like he wants attention yet is clearly ready to bite, I’ve been telling him, “ I love you, but you’re cranky.” 😂 Fortunately, today he’s been a little sweeter tempered and wanting to talk with me ( “what are you doin? Huh?”) so hopefully it will be temporary for your little pal, as well!

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