1. Julie86

    Mulga Pics!!

    For anyone who may not be familiar with the Mulga Parrot, I recieved some new pics of Khaleesi from the breeder. She was 6 weeks yesterday and should be ready to come home with me sometime soonish! She still has a little bit of fuzz on her back and is eating a few bites of her baby food 3 times...
  2. Julie86

    Cockatiel and Mulga compatible cagemates?

    I am going to get a Mulga, many colored, Australian female parakeet in a couple weeks. Somewhere down the line I would love to own a Cockatiel. I was curious if they would make good cagemates or if i would need to house them seperately? I have a cage that measures 35.25" H x 21" W x 32" D, the...