1. P

    Need Help With A Name!

    I recently had a heartbreak with my GCC & over the weekend (3 days ago) I came home to the surprise of a Sun Conure from my wonderful boyfriend.. He's absolutely gorgeous and a love bug but I am having some trouble naming him. My Green Cheek was named Phoenix and I keep just wanting to call...
  2. srdalyssa

    Meet our new baby!

    This is our 4 month old Yellow-Sided Green Cheek Conure! We need a little help naming him....The following are some ideas: Cheeto Kevin Durant Kobe Bryant Calcifer Little Mac All suggestions are welcome!
  3. R

    What should I name my new birds?

    I have a little male turquoisine (the rainbow one) and a female kakariki (the yellow and green one with the red head). I am stuck between 2 sets of names. Turq - Merlin Kak - Zelda (Like Merlin from Sword in the Stone, and Legend of Zelda) Or Kak - Merry Turq - Pippin (Like from Lord of...
  4. HusseinBerjaoui

    Name for a non DNA-sexed parrot?

    My Lesser Jardine's Parrot, the one in my avatar, is not DNA sexed. I've named it Timmy, according to the iris coloration that seems to be red (They say that red/rusty orange is for males and brown is for females) I think I should change the name, because I've read about a good number of people...