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Dec 19, 2017
Sun Conure
I recently had a heartbreak with my GCC & over the weekend (3 days ago) I came home to the surprise of a Sun Conure from my wonderful boyfriend.. He's absolutely gorgeous and a love bug but I am having some trouble naming him.

My Green Cheek was named Phoenix and I keep just wanting to call him Phoenix. I can't think of any other name that I like as much as I loved the name Phoenix- but I do NOT want him having the same name.

In reference to my username, I was thinking of the name Indi but I am also not sure of that name and I'm not sure if I am just having a hard time because of the natural want to call him Phoenix (because that's what I am so used to)... or if it's something else.

I want a name that isn't typical (although I really liked Skittles, Sunny, and Mango)

I thought of Apollo and tried saying it a few times but it didn't sound right

I really want to get him named since I've been lacking calling him anything other than 'baby' (not as a name, but a term of endearment) for the last few days.. but I don't want to confuse him.



Side note- I am not sure if "he" is actually a "him" or a "her" so I also wanted a name that could be for either


Sorry cant think of many to go with the colour but i bet he/she looks beautiful, congratz on your new friend x
I had a Sun who the original owner thought was a female, and "she" was named Martini (the owner also had a Cockatoo named Margarita). We rehomed Martini to a breeder, who had a DNA test done, and found out "she" is a "he". Fortunately the name just happened to work for both male and female.
Marco, Sebastian, Mango, Chili, Chico, Maria, Rosita, Jasmine, Meeko, Sabrina, Mimosa, Sierra...why the heck am I listing so many Hispanic names? Are sun conures even from Mexico? Pretty sure they aren't >_>
As a Harry Potter fangirl - when you mentioned you wanted to keep calling him pheonix...

I thought of "Fawkes" (That's the name of Dumbledore's pheonix)

What's his/her personality like? Are they cuddly? Playful? silly? regal?

* Mango
* Tequila (as in Tequila sunrise?)
* Sunny
* Juice (I thought of orange juice lol)
* Jax (can be female or male)
* Pepper
* Chip (short for 'chipotle')
* Max

Ok I ran out of ideas.

There's also a bunch of pet name 'generators' on the net too, just google it. That's how I found Remi's name :)
Hmm. Fun fact about the name 'INDY' when spelled the way the way it is in my username.
It's actually a fruit fly gene, and is an acronym for 'I'm Not Dead Yet'. Fruitflies with that mutation live twice as long.... I've always been rather fond of it as a name. It's cute and it has a hidden meaning x) It does have a similar theme to the name Pheonix too, if you think about it.

Here's a few other name ideas: Blaze, Brasier (french for fire, pronounced like braz- ee- ay), or maybe a cute flower-based name like Dahlia. Best of luck with your new friend ! <3
There's little that can rival a sun conure for color. Good luck with little nameless for now.
I was going to say calling her Sunshine or sunny. Peaches is another name I like for sun conures. Or of course Mango is a good staple as far as names go.

Really name her what you find to be a name you like for her, I know how you feel about giving her the same name but I would avoid doing that. Personally whenever a pet of mine dies I take the name off all future pets
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He came from the store with the name Pascal- which I learned to like but it's not fitting for him. I think I am going to go with Niko! (Neeko)
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Ya, I won't name him/her Phoenix. My Phoenix was one of a kind and I don't expect this bird to be Phoenix so I don't want to confuse myself and I feel like that would just be setting myself up for disaster.

I just think that's what's giving me trouble is my love for the name and the fact that I'm so used to calling out Phoenix- anything else sounds weird.

I am thinking of Niko though, it is easy to say and it seems fitting with his/her personality.

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