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  1. C

    Need Help: Accidental Grand-parrontage

    Hello, All! Long time lostener, first-time caller! I find myself in a very weird predicament. I've had some health problems over the last two months, of which I have been hospitalized the last 3 weeks. We've been fighting the hormonees hard this season, and we missedtm the window for the...
  2. L

    TELL ME…. Am I using SAFE materials products hooks and toys for my quaker?

    Can someone look over Lumi’s cage and areas and see if I should be removing anything and please give a detail why. For example: impaction in crop, choking, too big, too small, needs supervision, dangerous material, may cause cut or strangulation etc. Thanks! Lumi is 10 months now. She loves to...
  3. J

    Female budgie not letting the male near me

    Hey everyone, first time posting here. I don’t often type large posts, so sorry if my post is are to read. I have a male and a female budgie in a cage together. The female (named Violet) is somewhat hand tame. My male (named Buddy) was extremely comfortable with hands when I first got him...
  4. emee219


    I currently own a 7-year old Green Cheek, gender unknown. She is my first parrot, and I had owned her since she was 2 months old. She’s very attached to me, and doesn’t seem to like many other people. Ever since she was little, she has had problems keeping her feathers. I have changed her diet...
  5. E

    What do you do when you don't trust your avian vet?

    Okay, so I have an amazing Eclectus parrot. Very sweet, female. And she's started a feather picking habit a few years ago. Now, it would come and go and after taking her to the vet, he said it was probably hormones. But... It got worse. Her right leg always seamed to get itchy, and now she's...
  6. I

    Conure troubles, son trying to mate with mother?

    Hey, I have 3 conures, one is a male(Cheeto) the other a female(Chappie) and the last one is their son(Babe) who came into the world by accident. You see, when I got Chappie and Cheeto, both of their birth certificates stated that they were both males, but a few months later Chappie had laid an...
  7. C

    roaches roaches everywhere

    Hi! I have a wonderful, spunky little green cheek conure called Ellie. I never thought I would be able to bond with a bird again after I lost my childhood sun conure, but Ellie takes such good care of me. I recently moved in with my boyfriend who lives in the city. Ellie moved with me and...
  8. A

    Advantages of Quaker Parrots?

    I'm planning on getting a quaker parrot, and have always been interested in owning one. Unfortunately though,one of my family members isn't convinced and thinks that birds can be too messy. We used to own two budgies, but had to give them away because they shed too much, and my brother was very...