new cage

  1. Koni

    Tips on how to transition to a new cage

    I've had an IRN for about 5 years. He has lived in the same cage for all those 5 years. He's used to his old cage. I bought a larger one a few months ago and he was really scared at first. Couldn't even get close to it. I bring my IRN closer to the new cage every day and he keeps getting more...
  2. Ezekiell

    Should I clean a new cage?

    We are finally moving into our new home with only a few more weeks before our Māui gets to come home! I wondering if I need to clean the new cage we bought? Of course I’m going to give it a wipe over with water but is that enough or do I have to give it a proper clean with a vinegar/water mix?
  3. P

    Best way to help conure adjust to new home & new cage

    Hello! My nanday conure Mort and I might be moving into my boyfriend's house (with plenty of warning, at least 6 months til the move), where things will be remarkably different than at our current home. I am wondering the best way to ease Mort through the changes. She is going to have her own...
  4. Xraysrrad

    New Owner and New to site

    Hello All, I am the proud parent of a 5 month old crimson-bellied conure, Bodhi. I have ALWAYS wanted a feathered companion, but have worked in healthcare and typically worked very long hours and shifts. I am currently not working in healthcare and work from home, so I have finally...
  5. ArtBird

    Bow-Front Acrylic Door on cage?

    I am looking to get a larger cage for Ki, my Senegal. He is in the small Preview Hendryx Royalty now, basically 18x18x32. I really like THIS cage, but wonder if it is large enough. I want to outfit the cage with euc branches, <(cool vid of Blue & Golds munching on Euc) cork slab walkways, and...