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  1. Raisin

    My name is Crippi! And i'm a parrot

    Hey people! my name is Crippi!. And i am a five month old lutino cockatiel :yellow1:. I live in my owners bedroom in a green cage. I live with a white faced cockatiel named Cookie. S/he's in a different cage though. When he was younger, he followed me everywhere I went! It was very annoying. He...
  2. Jferrand526

    Hello Everyone!!

    Hello my name is Jen! I am so glad to finally join this community! To tell you a little bit about myself, I own 4 birds. Tango the sun conure. Comet the pineappaple greencheek conure, Echo the yellow sided greencheek conure, and Arrow the cockatiel. All of my babies are between the ages of...
  3. P

    Hello from Maryland

    Good day to all the other bird lovers out there. I currently have a White-capped Pionus and White-winged Parakeet. I volunteer at a semi-local parrot rescue. I am fascinated by all birds, but I feel a special connection to the Pionus. Therefore, it is my intent to help provide education on...
  4. M

    New member

    Hello Everyone, My name is Kayla and I have been reading the forum for a couple months now and just decided to join. I am not one to post much on the internet, so this is new for me. Anyways... I have a 9 yr old Senegal parrot name Morocco. I have never had him DNA sexed, but i refer to him...
  5. S

    Please help!!!

    Help!! PLEASE READ ALL OF THIS!! I am a new owner of a blue crowned conure. I got it Friday and it is now Sunday. It's previous owners did not even know what kind of bird it was or the age and sex of it. When it would scream they would spray it with water. It will take treats out of my hand and...
  6. IRNMom

    Introduce Myself-newbie

    Hi All, My name is Jennifer. I joined the forum a few weeks ago, but haven't had the chance to properly introduced myself yet. I live in Connecticut. I have 2 human children that have flown the coup (ages 20 and 22), 4 rats, 1 Indian ringneck named KissKiss (1 and 1/2 years old) and 1...