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    Newbie, and birdless

    Hello everyone :) I joined here a couple weeks ago, but mostly I have just been lurking and reading as much as I can! You all have so much experience and wisdom to share. Many years ago I had a two parakeets named Chiquita and Tequila. I don't have a bird currently, but am hoping to get one...
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    New Member!

    Hi! I'm a hopeful parrot owner, and I joined this site to know as much as I can about the species of parrot I plan on getting. I've never owned a parrot, so I've been looking at Conures, mostly Green Cheeks and Sun Conures, but have also looked into Budgies and Parrotlets. I hope you can help me...
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    2 year old conure?

    I am looking into getting a conure off craigslist. But the conure is 2 years old and i am wondering if it is a bad idea to get a conure at that age because maybe once it comes into my home it won't be happy because I am not their original owner. I also want to know how noisy they are, the mess...
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    Jealous Amazon

    I have had Zoey since 2006. I started dating the girl that is now my wife about 2008. At first Zoey would squawk when she first come into the apartment. Now that we have moved in a house, Zoey will squawk every time my wife talks. Any suggestions to help fix this behavior and make Zoey more...