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Jan 25, 2012
I have had Zoey since 2006. I started dating the girl that is now my wife about 2008. At first Zoey would squawk when she first come into the apartment. Now that we have moved in a house, Zoey will squawk every time my wife talks. Any suggestions to help fix this behavior and make Zoey more accepting of my wife?
If screaming the you must ignore him, turn you back ti him and just continue, sooner or late hi normaly will stop screaming
Some birds do get really jealous when their owners choose a mate that isn't them. As long as Zoey isn't biting or attacking anyone, it shouldn't be too hard to deal with. Yes, ignore the screaming. Maybe try having your wife give Zoey her food and treats every day and see if that helps.

I have my amazon because he hated the previous owner's new wife. I was not filled in 100% on what he was doing to her, but she was scared to death of him.
At least she just screams! Kazi actively tried to attack my husband a couple of times. The way we're dealing with it is to have hubby be the only one to feed Kazi his very favorite treat in the whole world and when hubby is in the room with the bird NO EYE CONTACT ever. None. He greets Kazi when he comes in the room but he does it with head lowered and eyes away. It's helping. Kazi only postures now and only when we hug or kiss in front of him.

So no affection in front of Zoey, no eye contact from your wife, and find a special treat only your wife can feed her. That may help, it's how we're dealing with jealousy issues here and it seems to be working.

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