1. L

    Meet Miss Mango and I ! + Nutrition advice?

    Hello everyone! I decided to join parrot forums because I've been lurking and reading posts but wanted to make a post of my own. I grew up with birds and have always had a soft spot for feathered friends, so when I saw Miss Mango I knew she just had to be mine. She was born in August and I got...
  2. dancing_conure

    Is Vetafarm a good brand?

    Hey guys :) So the thing is... I live in Australia and its been really hard to find a good pellet brand that I can actually buy here. I've tried Harrisons, TOP's, Zupreem and Roudybush but they are only available in one or two online stores and have crazy shipping prices. I've seen lots of...
  3. N

    Is it okay to soak my quaker and cockatiel's pellets?

    Hello! I've been running out of ideas to convert my quaker and cockatiel to pellets. I've had them for years, so needless to say they're not giving up without a fight. However, I recently found that they like their Zupreem pellets a lot more when they've been soaked in hot water and become a...
  4. Tiel

    Affordable/free parrot nutrition sources?

    Hey guys, I hope I'm not being annoying by posing this question but currently I'm really trying to change my parrots diet. I've sort of struggled with finding scientific avian nutrition books that are also affordable? I know Bird Tricks has one but quite frankly, without doubting their...
  5. Z

    My Bird is very silent

    Its been nearly a month since i got my IRN parrot. It is pretty scared of everything, everyone. He/she does not like most of the veggies that i feed. All that tokyo eats is sweet corn, apple, pomegranate and sunflower seeds. Whenever tokyo is kept outside for a sun bath, i can hear tokyo move...
  6. Littleredbeak

    What do you feed your Indian Ring Neck.

    I recently purchased an Indian Ringneck and have been doing a ton research since. I am currently feeding him TOP’s parrot pellets for hook bills and Harrison fine pellets as a staple. He also gets organic bird seed sprouts and organic Avian herbs. He also gets organic fruits , veggies and hard...
  7. A

    Abba Green mixed in water?

    Hello, My green cheek conure is probably the pickiest when it comes to veggies and fruits. I was reading a thread on here from a few years back and the person said that they mixed Abba Green into their water. I was wondering if anyone does this? If not, can anyone recommend something I can mix...
  8. S

    New to this forum

    Hello ny message us Sherry and I own a one year old African grey Congo. He just had blood work done and his liver enzymes are high. Any feedback is more than welcome
  9. B

    Question about sprouting seeds

    Hi, all. Are the seeds that I purchase for my (seed addict) love bird OK to sprout, or should I purchase separate seeds specifically for sprouting? If the latter option is recommended, are there any brands that you prefer? Also, if any of you are having trouble feeding fruits and veggies to...
  10. F

    Nutritional Analysis for commonly available bird pellets.

    Decided to mock up a quick Nutritional Analysis for commonly available parrot pellets. Link: Admittedly the analysis suffered from the amount of nutritional information available from brands. Regardless, feedback is welcome and hope you enjoy.
  11. D

    Quaker Nutrition

    So, I know that a well rounded diet of pellets and fresh fruits/vegetables is most important for our feathered babies but my question is... Is there a particular ratio of these nutrients that Quakers are supposed to have on a daily basis? I know with Eclectus, the ratio is no less than 60%...
  12. N

    Feeding dried fruit?

    In the past few days I've been trying to offer Oliver some fresh fruits and veggies. Other than celery leaves and lettuce, he doesn't eat them at all, and if I hand feed them to him he just throws them away. He loves pellets, seeds, peanuts and corn (and corn tortillas which he soaks in water)...
  13. A

    New Quaker Parrot

    Hi! I recently acquired a quaker parrot from a not-so-great home and we're trying to adjust to eachother. His name is Nico and he just came into my life this morning. I was wondering if you guys could help me understand some of his behaviour? When I first met him he was very bitey, drawing a...
  14. T

    What to feed mum when she's feeding babies.

    Hi. My name is Toni. My conures just had a clutch of eggs. I have hand reared babies but this time i am letting her do it herself. I just want to make sure i am giving her the proper nutrients to help her babies grow. What are the best food to feed my conures right now? Any food i ahould...
  15. dhraiden

    Goldenfeast Veggie Crisp Delite - How much, how healthy?

    Hey hey forum-goers, We want our GCC Mochi to eat more veggies, and have had good success with the Garden Veggie variety of Nutri-Berries. Recently we purchased some of Goldenfeast's Veggie Crisp Delight, which to my reading sounds like it has a fair amount of fried ingredients (duh, hence the...
  16. A

    Help To Stop Feather Plucking?

    I recently brought home a female Eclectus :red1: and she's been feather plucking a lot. She plucked the majority of feathers that are gone before she came home with me, but she's continuing to do so. I think there could be two causes: She had recently laid an unfertilized egg, and so she's...
  17. A

    90% pellet, 10% other food question

    So....I can't be the only one wondering this. How much is 10% of my (black capped) conure's diet? A sliver of apple? A half a grape? A mini carrot? The vet says Jade should have 90% Harrison's for the next 2 weeks. You can imagine how thrilled (not) Jade is by this new diet. So I'm trying to...
  18. ann

    how to offer beans and chick peas?

    Hello, today I am making a birdie bread with sweet potatoes, carrots, egg food, banana, and peas. I wanted to include red kidney beans, corn, and chickpeas, all canned. However, the corn is in water and salt (serving size is 1/2 cup with 250mg sodium per serving). If I rinsed the corn well...
  19. Jennamilito


    What's a good food to feed an amazon? Pellets? Seeds? Fruit? I'm at a loss. There is an overwhelming amount of info online and I can't find something satisfying.
  20. taylor_

    is it bad to switch food?

    okay so crowley has been eating zupreem avian total maintenance cockatiel sized pellets since we got him but our bag is now finally running low. should i save the last bits of it to slowly mix into new food so he eats the new stuff or should i just be able to switch it? he's a really good...