orange winged amazon

  1. J

    Weird parrot feather! A little worried!

    Hi guys i made this account specifically to post on this question on this forum for my orange winged amazon. His name is Scooter! He loses a flight feather every so often and I’ve been keeping them because why not! But he has this weird feather I’ve noticed on his right wing and he lost it once...
  2. LeafyGreenBeaks

    New Here! Hello!

    Hello! Introducing myself! Hi Everyone! I'm so glad I found this forum! I just adopted an Orange-winged Amazon. In my eyes, it was more like a rescue. Here's the story: I have been wanting a CAG for quite some time. After some research and looking around, I found a breeder with some babies...
  3. T

    Rescue Amazon! A little help, please!

    Saturday night I enter a new pet store. A cozy little reptile store where I handle a few stunning burmese pythons and chat with shop staff before closing. A nice place...for reptiles. Not for the amazon parrot shaking quietly in a corner, locked inside a little parakeet cage atop a python tank...
  4. P

    How to entertain an isolated parrot who hates leaving the cage?

    I'm not really a parrot person. Nobody in my family is, but we have one, nonetheless. Her (?) name is Teddy, and she's a thirty-something orange-winged Amazon. My dad got him from his ex-girlfriend back when Teddy was four and has kept her ever since. While he was in college the bird stayed with...
  5. G

    Orange Wing Amazon needs a less stressful home (N. Fort Worth TX)

    Charlie is a calm, shy, and sweet amazon (but still has that Amazon flare we all love). He is approximately 22 year's old. I rescued him from a person who rescued him from his first owner, who kept him in a wire rabbit cage for his first 15 years. This cage caused him to break multiple toes that...
  6. D


    Hi All, Just a quick question about my Orange Winged Amazon Mowgli. Briefly I'll let you know about him before I get to my problem. He came from a home where he was cooped up in a very small cage and never let out - he is also missing one of his toes ( which having taken him to the vets - is...
  7. W

    pics of 12 week old orange wings to compare

    hi all, i'm new to the forum and a first time parrot owner, i'll jump straight in i purchased a "baby" orange wing amazon a week ago (otto), i was told he hatched 27/2/2012 so he'll be 12 weeks tomorrow, he's a parent reared bird and not rung as his parents attack the rings. now i was showing...