outdoor aviary

  1. ImaParrot

    We're thinking of building an aviary (Listen up you Texans!)

    I've been thinking of building an outdoor aviary so I could get more birds then we can have in the house, but there's one problem. We live right outside of Houston. It gets so hot in the summer and sometimes cold in the winter. Would a giant fan/heater suffice to solve these problems? I think...
  2. Rkwh

    Plant and herbs for aviary, help needed?

    Hi again everyone, We are building a outdoor aviary for our flock of cockatiels and conures. I want to put some plants in there that are safe for them to nibble etc I grow a bunch of herbs and also have a laurel bay leaf tree. Does anyone know if the laurel bay leaf tree is toxic to our birds...
  3. H

    Outdoor air quality

    I currently live in a flat and I don't have a garden which means I don't get to take my birds outside as much as I want. However I am now looking to move to a house and the plan is to build an aviary that is joined to the house, accessible by a back door or something, so that in the summer my...
  4. CeliaCelie

    Advice for an abused macaw

    My sister works at a vet that has been housing a Blue and Gold Macaw for the past three years. She's a rescue case that was dumped by an abusive family but her quality of living has not improved much since being left at the hospital. She's not socialized and has plucked her chest bare. She's...
  5. J

    Building outdoor aviary for macaw

    I am looking into building an outdoor aviary for a blue and yellow macaw but I've got a few questions: Is 3x3 meters big enough for only one macaw? And how high? Is it save to use netting for the roof? something like this: https://larajoseph.files.wordpress.com/2009/06/aviary-photo-1.jpg And...