We're thinking of building an aviary (Listen up you Texans!)


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Apr 13, 2023
Houston, Texas
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I've been thinking of building an outdoor aviary so I could get more birds then we can have in the house, but there's one problem. We live right outside of Houston. It gets so hot in the summer and sometimes cold in the winter. Would a giant fan/heater suffice to solve these problems? I think one or two sides will be sheltered as well as having a half or whole roof to keep them out of the massive fire planet they call the sun.
I want to get cockatiels once the aviary is built. Are there any more birds that'll get along in the cockatiel-budgie combo?


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Jul 17, 2022
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Having lived in the Houston area for 9 years, my issue isn't just the hot and cold. I would be concerned with wild life. Raccoons are more of an issue than people think and they will find a way to get to your birds. Then there is flooding and the never ending mold & mildew that seems to grow on houses all year long. This is the only place that I have ever lived that I have had to have my house and sidewalk pressure washed twice a year. Oh and less not forget about the air quality or lack there of. For me an aviary wouldn't be worth it. I would never feel comfortable leaving my birds outside in the Houston environment, but that is just me.

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