pacific parrotlet

  1. AvianAmigos

    Help Wanted! Pacific Parrotlet Swollen Nostril

    Hi parrot lovers, My Pacific parrotlet Didi seems sick, with his nostril swollen badly. This is my first time keeping a parrot as a pet. I am not sure what happened to him 😭 Has anyone dealt with this before? Any help is greatly appreciated 🙏
  2. BudgetBunny

    Seizures In Pacific Parrotlet - Any Info/Advice Appreciated!

    A little over a month ago my parrotlet lost the ability to use her feet and became very drowsy looking. This lasted about a 1/2 hour then she suddenly snapped out of it and returned to normal. She was fine for about 4 days and then the same thing happened again. Our initial vet visit confirmed...
  3. BudgetBunny

    Hi Everyone!

    I live with one feisty Pacific Parrotlet named Ella! Man does she have a lot of spunk! Although Ella and I are not on a 'hands on' basis we are quite close. She rings a bell in the morning to let me know she's awake, then proceeds to share breakfast with me. She loves to do a 'big fly' around...