1. KatRaft

    Yellow-naped Amazons searching for new home

    Yellow-naped Amazons in search of a new home. This "pair" has not been sexed. They share a cage and get along very well and must stay together. They are not hand tame. Their names are Charlie and Rosa. Located in Reno, NV. Charlie came to our home first after his elderly owner passed away...
  2. A

    Pairing African Greys

    Hi, I am wanting to start breeding CAG birds sometime in the future and I am wanting to ideally buy 2 young birds and after afew years and they are old enough let them start breeding in my Avery. Just wondering at what age can I expect to see if the birds pair up? Like will they only start...
  3. M

    New To breeding ! Purchased my first breeding pair

    Hey guys nice to meet use ive been doing my research for a week now getting tips to keep my pair healthy and stay breeding.. here is my set up i also have questions to ask... (Wild pair ) +7 years of age. Can I have more than 1 pair in my avairy without a visual barrier? Just 2 nest box one on...
  4. K

    Care guidelines for a pair.

    Looking for some basic information regarding the difference in care for a pair of green cheeks who are clutchmates vs. a single green cheek. Size of cage, additional behavioral issues, training issues, additional equipment, etc. Had perused the forum, but couldn't identify a similar thread...
  5. H

    How difficult to tame a pair of cockatiels?

    I could soon be adopting a pair of cockatiels who I am told are between 6-8 months. As far as I know they haven't been handled much, if at all, and I want to know how difficult it is going to be to tame them? I have tamed a cockatiel before who was aviary bred but he was by himself and only 9...
  6. Intisar

    I am going to get an alexandrine parrot

    Hi all, I am Intisar from Pakistan, My son, 8 years is interested to have a parrot. I brought a pair of cocktail parrots , male 8 months , female 18 months, ( as the birds shop man told me) but the keep fighting and male bird , though was a bit trained but suddenly started biting, so we...
  7. J

    Separate a pair of goffins

    I am the third home for a male and female Goffin. I have had them 8 years and They are about 20 years old. They were used as breeders in a very bare small cage when I bought them on Craigs List. They now live in a large cage I built for them. They seem to like each other. The male...
  8. H

    Pairing, Separating, and Behavior

    Hello everyone, well this is my first post here on Parrot-Forums and I have a question(s) about pairing and/or separating already bonded lovebird pairs. In my case I was recently given the opportunity to care for two lovebirds of different species (a black-mask and a peach-face) after their...
  9. H

    Will a bonded pair of macaws bond to me?

    Hello everyone! I am new to these forums and Im very glad I found it. Im going to be adopting a bonded, not breeding, pair of macaws from a rescue near me and I am a bit stressed over it. I feel as if once I adopt these two, they will pay attention to each other, and ignore me/not bond as...
  10. M

    What is my male Alex doing?

    Hello, I have two Alexes. The male is 2 and a half years and the female is one year. Often, when the two are next to each other the male walks up and down and then walks right upto the female, bobs his head and puts his head under her beak while making a clicking noise. He will continously...
  11. J

    Raising two hand-fed budgie babies together?

    Can someone with experience tell me if it is a good idea to raise two hand-fed budgies together in a single cage? Will they remain tame, or will they become wild and afraid of me over time? Should I just buy one bird?
  12. T

    Eclectus Breeding - Famele Feeding Male

    Hi, Last month I got a bonded pair of eclectus and during the last week i'm noticing that the female is feeding the male and not vice versa. Is this normal? Till now i'm not seeing the male feeding the female. Do you think that it's wise to open access to the breeding box? Or Should I Wait...
  13. R

    Should I get a 2nd Kakariki??

    I have a male kakariki. He's over a year old. He had a rough summer cause he was sick and stuff and ever since then he's just not the same. He's had some various issues but my vet has found that nothing is ever detrimental. He's had anemia and a bad molt that he had pain and stuff but he's just...
  14. B

    2 conures or 1?

    I'm thinking about getting a second sun conure I have a boy rocky and he is about 1 My real concern is that they will stop interacting with me if I get a second bird I spend about 4-5 hours a day with him and I would like him to have a friend when I'm at work Let me know what you think
  15. R

    Keeping Sun conures tame in pairs (not for breeding) ?

    Hi, I wanted to buy a Sun conure chick but I was thinking of buying two instead of one, not for breeding purposes but so that it doesn't feel lonely. I can devote an hour daily to it (and my sister is also willing to take care of it) but just in case I was thinking if it would be happier if I...
  16. A

    My tiels are like Tom and Jerry, HELP!

    Hi! I need help, my cockatiels are not bonding. The male Paga is 2 years and the female is Lulu which is 14 months. We had Lulu before and decided to get her a friend. When we first got Paga we clipped his wings to make sure they were on the same level. The live together in the same cage and are...
  17. M

    Can someone or all help?

    Hi Thank you for any help and/or support. I homed a CAG years ago before my children. Then came the children and not much time left over. We had to re-home her. Now my children are grown and I am soon to complete my college degree. My gift to myself is another CAG. I can't wait and I have...
  18. pityu

    Are they fighting?!! Help!

    I have two peachfaced lovebirds. They where puten together when they where small childs. 1 man and 1 female. I can see that they realy love eachother. They fooding each other help each other with things and problems like, when the other one wants the first to fix the feathers on the unreachable...
  19. M

    Should I buy another Jardine?

    hi everyone, i am sometimes away for hours at a time and think it unfair on my jardine to sit in boredom. For this reason I was thinking of buying another jardine facts about my jardine -happy, healthy -unknown sex -1 year old I would like to know other peoples experiences of adding another...