parrot rescue

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    Pineapple Green Cheek Conure needs a new home, requires special care.

    Hi, I have a Pineapple Green Cheek Conure named Tiki and she needs a new home. I got her from my grandma who past away 3 years ago. I kept taking care of her because she was such a sweet heart. She is very clingy and loves people. She is also handfed and prefer to eat from a person's hand than...
  2. F

    Empty Nest!

    I just found this after several searches for "parrot needs home" and the like. I thought after my last little pocket parrot died that I couldn't do it again. It is such an intimate relationship. Sometimes I would be getting into the car and realized he had hopped on as I passed his cage. Trying...
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    Newly added people

    Hi everyone, my name is Ty Marsh. I own Ty's Parrot Rescue in Steelton pa. :white1: :orange: :red1: :grey:
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    Looking for a volunteer buddy at a Parrot sanctuary

    Hi all, I'm new to this forum. I am drawn here to spread awareness about an amazing parrot rescue in the Seattle area called Zazu's House Parrot Sanctuary. Find their website here: This parrot sanctuary is a cage-free environment, with real trees and plenty of toys and huge...
  5. ann

    please help me find a parrot rescue

    hello, i would like to volunteer at a parrot or bird rescue. however i cant find any nearby me. i live on long island NY. do you know of any rescues on Long Island or in the city that accept volonteers? i understand that at rescues the birds arent all friendly and that its more work than fun...