parrot training

  1. B

    Hello! Conure baby bonding

    How are you all doing. I recently got a baby conure from my neighbour whose parrot was not properly feeding the chick and had tl be handfed...its close to 15 days but its just a rough estimate and yes i have experience in hand rearing birds such as finches and budgies and cockatiels(im 15). The...
  2. C

    Can You Review My Article on Taming Parrots?

    I was wondering if some of you guys could give me your opinions on an article I just wrote. The article is: Thanks for checking it out and can't wait to hear your comments/suggestions. The article is supposed to...
  3. Bird Trainer

    Bird Trainer

    Josh Cook teaching the free flight training of your pet bird or parrot.
  4. merlinsmom13

    1 smart bird

    Attn: nut, ellsie & tiki I saw this on another forum, thought of you guys. I bet all of you can do these tricks. YouTube - ‪World Record 20 Parrot Tricks in 2 Minutes - Kili Senegal Parrot‬‏