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Mar 16, 2024
Conure on handfeed
And uh....used to have 11 cockatiels but they died due to a virus(mind you these cockatiels were kept at 3 at a time max ocer a span of 2 years)

I got chickens tho
How are you all doing.
I recently got a baby conure from my neighbour whose parrot was not properly feeding the chick and had tl be handfed...its close to 15 days but its just a rough estimate and yes i have experience in hand rearing birds such as finches and budgies and cockatiels(im 15).
The issue is that everytime i want to bond with the chicks but they just want food even when their crops are full to the point where i feed them(because i dont usually oveefeed) but they keep begging.
I want to ask that when should i start hoping to bond with the chicks? I had one cockatiel that would want scritches at 3 weeks old but as we know every bird is different so what age should i hope for rhe conure to not see me as food but as family? I got him when his eyes were closed and he opened them after 2 days with me


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Jul 14, 2017
A crossover Quaker Scuti (F), A Sun conure named AC, A Cinnamon Green Cheek conure Kent, and 6 budgies, Scuti Jr. (f), yellow (m), clark Jr. (m), Dot (f), Zebra(f), Machine (m).
Your bird, is going to love the shit out of you.....

Your it's family now.

Idn't even know how to the answer the question because its a ridiculous question.

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