1. lia

    Hello everyone!!

    Hello! My name is Lia. I have yet to get a parrot, actually to be exact I'm getting one next week. Its a parrotlet and its handfed and still a baby. I know a bit about parrots since in the past I've had both budgies and a cockatiel. Still i need some help in picking a cage! I have for now an old...
  2. Parrotlets are the best!

    Parrotlets are the best!

    My parrotlet babies- l to r Indigo (m) and Sparkle (f)
  3. L

    Need Help Finding Cage

    Hello! I have two parrotlets, and I’m looking to find a cage that has a divider to help with space. I bought one, but I need to return it, because it has no bars to hang toys, and the top isn’t flat (I thought it had a flat top with a pointed top as just design/aesthetic). So it isn’t going to...
  4. L

    Future Bird Mom

    Hello All! My family has been researching different parrot breeds and hope to add a parrot to our family in the near future. I am wanting to establish myself in the bird community so that I can learn from your experiences and have some support available when we bring our new bird home. So...
  5. L

    Do my parrots gets sad or stressed because I am? (Plucking)

    I've been having a really hard time lately, and the other day was the worst. I broke down crying and all, and I usually keep it in. Both of my parrotlets were around when I did. My parrotlet I've had for a while now doesn't seem phased and is fine, but my baby parrotlet I've had for a few months...
  6. A

    New here! I have a few questions about parrotlets :)

    I'm interested in getting a parrotlet this Christmas as a gift from my boyfriend. I have two budgies, Bug and Gus, and Juno the ferret. I'm just wondering what experiences anyone who has owned a parrotlet has had with them and if I would realistically be able to give a new parrotlet the...
  7. A

    Getting a Celestial/Pacific Parrotlet

    Hello, I'm thinking of getting a small bird which is cute and quiet so I thought why not a Parrotlet? In your experiences, do the males make better pets than the females? It's just I already have a 10 year old male cat and I just wanted a different sex. We DID have a female cat but she got...