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  1. T

    Dog Saliva??

    Hi everyone. idek if this will be seen by a lot but im currently dog sitting and bird sitting and so my friend gave me a bag of her birds pellets in a plastic ziplock bag. I stupidly left the bag of pellets on the dinning table chair instead of the dinning table itself and somehow some way this...
  2. S

    Best toys and food for conures

    Hello there I've looked around and decided I really want to bring home a green cheek conure as my companion. I've been shopping for toys, and what I have so far are 12 shredding toys, 2 puzzle toys, 5 different "natural" perches [naturally shaped for their feet], a sandpaper perch for their...
  3. dancing_conure

    Is Vetafarm a good brand?

    Hey guys :) So the thing is... I live in Australia and its been really hard to find a good pellet brand that I can actually buy here. I've tried Harrisons, TOP's, Zupreem and Roudybush but they are only available in one or two online stores and have crazy shipping prices. I've seen lots of...
  4. Raz

    Which food brand?

    I’ve got two Jenday conures and I’m trying to switch to pellets. But trying to find the best ones are hard. So far , my options are Tops , roudybrush and more. Can someone let me know which one would be better based on brand? Please let me know!!
  5. angleajang

    How do I chose the right pellet for my linnie?

    I have no idea how I can research on what is the most healthy pellet or supplement for my linnie Based on a blog post that I found I have chosen vetafarm md pellets, roudybush maintenance or caitec oven fresh bites for pellet but this is not my own research and I don't know whether they're...
  6. J

    Watering Down Pellet Food

    Hello there, I have just recently gotten to take home my 5 year old Goffin Cockatoo, who lived with his original owners for 4 years, and then was relinquished back to the pet store he was sold from. I believe he's been on a seed-only diet his entire life. I have successfully transferred him over...
  7. F

    Nutritional Analysis for commonly available bird pellets.

    Decided to mock up a quick Nutritional Analysis for commonly available parrot pellets. Link: http://bit.ly/2CBkGq6 Admittedly the analysis suffered from the amount of nutritional information available from brands. Regardless, feedback is welcome and hope you enjoy.
  8. A

    Troubles switching to pellets

    Hello guys. It's been a little over a week since my last visit here. In that time, I've been trying to get Snowball to eat some pellets, to no avail. I've tried a lot of different things. I've tried mixing it with his seeds (he just shoves it around and continues to only eat seeds), I've tried...
  9. R

    Diet HELP-pellets and seeds

    Hi When we got our bird last week and asked about food, they told us they feed Birdeez (seeds mostly) and pellets on occasion. I may have this confused, but I don't think so. I've got Nupreem for him, but he's only 3 months old and seems to have a hard time with the size of the food he should...
  10. JoshuaTarantino

    ZuPreem Natural VS Other Pellet Diets?

    Any preference to a pellet diet? I've been looking into converting my budgie to ZuPreem Natural... Thanks ahead!
  11. B

    I need help! Eating issues.

    Hello Eclectus lovers... I have 2 Eclectus parrots: Buddy & Recee. Buddy is 8 and Recee is 3. Recee is an angel when it comes to eating, showers, playing, socialization, etc.. Buddy on the other hand, he is my problem child and the reason why I am posting this thread. We...
  12. UrbanLegend711

    Good grey diets

    My adopted TAG came with a large quantity of some seed/pellet mixture food. It is what he's been eating for years, but I've noticed that he does not eat it all...he will pick out the peanuts and millet and sunflower first, then just pick at the rest. I give him fresh fruits and greens, but most...