pineapple conure

  1. E

    What is this?

    Since I’ve gotten my sun conure he has always done the behavior in the video. I’ve always equated it to excitement or contentment but now as my pineapple has gotten more comfortable she started doing it. What is it called and why do they do it? Everytime I look it up I just get the head bobbing...
  2. G


    my 5 month (what i suspect to be female) pineapple conure always let me pet her (with occasional nibbles) and now i can’t try to pet her without the attempted bites. on the other hand she lets my boyfriend pet her and she won’t show any aggression towards him. i haven’t done anything to her🥲🥲...
  3. G

    5 month old Pineapple Conure doesn’t have many tail feathers left ᴖ̈

    Hi, i need some advice!! i’m new to owning birds and i have a 5 month pineapple conure (i didnt clip her wings, that’s just how i bought her btw ᴖ̈) . i don’t know if my bird is molting or if she’s being careless and knocking down her feathers with the cage because she’s been losing some...
  4. E

    Not sleeping

    My pineapple green cheek isn’t sleeping the full 12 hours. I’m not doing anything to wake her up but she always wakes up before 12 hours or even 10 hours. What can I do to help her get her sleep
  5. Happyandzaza

    Should I get a new friend for my pineapple conure???

    Hello dear parrot community, Its been 4,5 days since I lost my green check yellow sided conure, they didnt get along that well but when it came to preening each other they would go on for hours preening, my pineapple conure used to regurgitate food for the other one even tho they would start a...
  6. Happyandzaza

    Pineapple conure smaller eyes than all the other gcc ive seen!?

    Hello Dear parrot community, I have 2 pet birds and today i wanna have your opinion on my Pineapple conure l, ive notice that he has smaller eyes than usual conures I will show pics aswell I hope you notice, is there any health conditions where they develop this I dont know what to call it, My...
  7. KingaRoo

    How to bond with a Kakariki.

    Hello, I'm here again for the second day in a row. It's been about 3 months since I was last here and I was wondering if anyone had any advise with bonding with a kakariki since they do not particularily enjoy scritches. Just a little bit of context: I got into researching birds about 10 months...
  8. A

    Pineapple conure biting during play unsure if it is aggressive

    Hi! I'm very sorry if I do anything wrong here as this is my first time on this site. I have a pineapple conure named April, I just got her hand raised about a month ago. She is usually very cuddly and sweet, however has been biting lately. This brings me to my question. I play a game with her...
  9. saganismyhero

    Conure with strange beak injury

    ***Let me preface, this is not an emergency. The injury is incredibly superficial, clotted almost immediately, and parrot is running around acting like nothing happened.*** Rescued this parrot a few weeks ago. This GCC was surrendered twice in 5 years. The last owner took care of him well and...
  10. Ava.rg

    Normal size conure?

    Do pineapple gcc not get as big as normal gcc? My baby is only 8 weeks. Will he get bigger or is he just small? He’s about the size of a lovebird. I just saw the green cheeks in petco and they look much bigger. I mean I know he won’t grow a crazy amount but will he grow at all anymore? I wont...
  11. Ava.rg

    HELP!!! New handtamed baby conure biting

    Help!! I recently bought a new baby pineapple gcc three days ago. Its 8 weeks old. It was handtamed and let’s me pet it and doesn’t act scared at all. It lets me grab it. The breeder did not teach it to step up he would grab them. However, I want to teach it to step up. I try to get him to step...
  12. R

    Pineapple Conure won't sleep suddenly

    My pineapple conure, Polly is around a month old. It's not even a week since she's here at my place. She's my first ever parrot, rather pet so I've had no experience dealing with animals at home. When Polly came, she was really normal I mean happy and cuddly. She is still cuddly and I have faced...
  13. K

    Help with training a cutie!

    Hi! So I recently adopted a 14 month old Pineapple Conure called Lilly! She's incredibly cute and doesn't bite. She's very shy and untame but very excitable... she loves to fly around the room but I'm unsure if I should be allowing this before taming? Should I? I've made sure it's bird proof...