1. C

    Are pink wandering Jews bird safe?

    Most the sites I saw said tradescantia, but not pink.
  2. Rkwh

    Plant and herbs for aviary, help needed?

    Hi again everyone, We are building a outdoor aviary for our flock of cockatiels and conures. I want to put some plants in there that are safe for them to nibble etc I grow a bunch of herbs and also have a laurel bay leaf tree. Does anyone know if the laurel bay leaf tree is toxic to our birds...
  3. lisazartsi

    New GCC Adoption - Removing Plants?

    Hi friends! :green: I'm planning on adopting a GCC in the next month or two and have been doing a TON of research on caring for it in the best way possible. I'm a bit of a plant-crazy lady and noticed that a couple of my plants (my schefflera, dieffenbachia, and my pothos) are considered toxic...
  4. Ezekiell

    Non-toxic plants for birds?

    Im going to be getting a parrot within the next year and I’m a bit of an avid gardener so I want to make sure I’m across what plants the bird definitely can’t be allowed near. I’m in Australia so I mostly grow natives in the garden (red wattle, Eucalyptus, grevilleas, kangaroo paws, nsw...
  5. clark_conure

    is a jade tree safe?

    I was looking for....indoor trees, thinking I could get a real life tree for my girls. the jade tree looked the most climbable from... entry #9 I asked the google guy if it was safe and found it in column 2 of this post...
  6. N

    Herbs and spices

    I know there are lots of links about lists of safe and unsafe spices, but there seems to be a lot of, a few that say "in moderation" . As an all-or-nothing sort of gal, I hate that. What do you know for a fact is safe in any quantity? I don't want to play with fire and...
  7. FlyingTorchy

    Creeping fig for parakeet??

    I just got my x-large cage in for my parakeet and was really wanting to add a little green in there for my baby girl! I read on a few sites that a Creeping Fig is a good plant to put in so I bought a small one, took out the Fertilized soil on the top half and replaced it with all natural top...
  8. bettietheripper

    succulent help

    my Sun conure was nibbling on these and now I'm paranoid it's a toxic plant and she will become sick?
  9. P

    Lemon Myrtle, QLD Maple Safe?

    Hi, I have 2 Lemon Myrtle trees growing in my yard and was wondering if any part of it is safe to give to my birds? Also I just identified a Queensland Maple in my yard and the empty seed pods look like a great toy. Are they safe? Jess
  10. T

    indoor trees

    Hello everyone I know the topic of what trees and plants are toxic to parrots has been discussed numerous times, but many websites have conflicting information. I've been wanting to add a couple indoor trees to our house and want to be sure it's safe not only for my parrots but for my dogs...
  11. SharlenaSharlena

    "Natural" Cage Environment

    Hiya everyone I hope everyone is well today! I was just wondering if anyone who owns small-medium-large parrots has done or thought about doing natural cage environment? It was suggested to me by another parrot owner I met a while back; basically its like turning your cage into a little jungle...
  12. M

    suitable tree??

    been on this forum about 5 minutes so hoping this is the right place to ask this question lol are the Stags Horn/Sumach (Rhus Typhina) trees poisonus to any kind of parrot or simmilar bird? i'v had one in my garden for as long as i can remember, but i was thinking it is a really fast...

    Plants for Bird Room

    I am looking into adding a hanging plant in my bird room. What are some good suggestions? The bird may never come into contact with the plant, but they will be loose at times so you never know. :) This is also a North Facing window, so it does get sun, just not tons. Thanks!!
  14. F

    Conure ill from house plants?

    My friend's Green Cheek Conure chewed on a house plant- I think it is a succulent about three hours ago and now won't eat his favorite food. He seems ok except for low energy. Can conures get an "upset stomach" from chewing on plants like that? Is there anything to do to help him? thanks!