1. Milkteeth

    New wall mounted play gym!

    Finally got around to setting up a little play area for my favorite girl!! Gives her something to do while we’re in my room besides trying to eat my phone and my fingers 😁 I’ll expand on it more over time! Everything is attached with Velcro and reinforced with small finishing nails
  2. T

    Custom Cages by Design Cage

    We are selling our custom built Cages by Design Parrot Cage. We had to find a new home for our Senegal and Pionus due to some health problems, so that is why we are selling it. I originally purchased it as a surprise for my wife and paid about $8000. I have all the original receipts still...
  3. V

    Need recommendation for playstand/play gym

    hi there, i'm looking for a large floor playstand for my SI eclectus. I have read soft woods like bottle brush are good. Can someone recommend a playstand? I'm unlikely to make it myself, realistically. I have also heard grapevine and dragon wood are good so any wood suggestions to look for...
  4. I

    Strategies for cleaning some old fig branches ?

    Hello all ! I have about a week off with school break, and figured I'd make my GCC Kermit a nice playstand. We've had some old fig branches out in our yard for 6 months that have just been screaming to be made into something awesome. The branches were from an old tree we had in our front...
  5. lorika

    Station Training: What If He Won't Stay Put?

    Hey everyone! I've gotten my lorikeet Loki a beautiful playstand with lots of toys. I want to station train him, and though I've read some articles online, I can't really find a practical, step-by-step guide to do this. One comes particularly highly recommended, by Lara Joseph, and though...
  6. Jessie

    Rio's new bird playground

    So when Rio's cage door is open he couldn't be bothered to go in his cage for anything but food or water which means he doesn't really play with his toys unless he has to be in his cage for whatever reason. So as a solution I bought a big clothing rack that I'm going to use to put a million toys...
  7. Lita

    Playstand - Austin, TX

    The PetSmart at the Mueller shopping center has a play stand on clearance. It's normally around $120, but it's only $25 for whoever gets to it first. Only one left, but I figured I'd share in case anyone else in the Austin area needs a play stand. (Reginald would just fly off of it. :p )
  8. W

    Sleep Cages, Out time and Related Questions

    Hello everyone, I'm new to the forum. I wanted to start a discussion about cage size in relation to location, schedule and socialization. For many years I kept parakeets and cockatiels. My avatar is a picture of Kocomo, my male 'tiel. I'm living on my own now and would like to adopt a green...
  9. MarciaLove

    Conure/Lovebird play-stand

    just made this tree play-stand for my Conures and Lovebirds. I used Dogwood and Tulip Tree wood from my backyard. first I cut the pieces i wanted of the dogwood that had fallen down a few days ago and I already had some tulip tree wood on a different play-stand that I didn't like so I used some...
  10. WannaBeAParrot

    Is this a safe playgym/playstand? Show me yours.

    What do you think of this playgym from an online birdstore that lots of folks recommend (see link under photo)? Does anyone have it? My main concern is the metal hardware. The nice folks at the store got the materials info from makers, but it didn't help me at all, because I don't know if...