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  1. C

    New parrot owner, I need advice please!

    Hi, so I got a catalina macaw a few months ago as a gift (well shes mostly my grandmas parrot, however my grandma is not so happy she had been given the parrot without asking since we have 3 dogs) and she screams a lot. If someone is on the phone, she screams. If she is by herself, she screams...
  2. C

    Controller issues

    Hello! I've joined this forum because my boyfriend has a Green-cheeked conure that I've really bonded with. She usually listens to me well enough (not as well as her dad, but I expect that as a step-mom lol), and I've helped her trust hands a little more than my boyfriend had before I came...
  3. I

    Over Preening and Pain? Please help!

    I have a Green Cheek Conure and he is maybe 8 years old. He is a healthy bird, and his feathers are shiny without any black banding. He has plenty of toys, and we take him out of the cage all day. Recently he has been over preening. He would groom and then squeak and a small puff feather would...
  4. S

    Indian parakeet CANT FLY YELLOW FEATHERS

    Hello Everyone ! This is for my baby parrot who can't fly ! My parrot is of the Indian parakeet species and is 1 year 3 month old . It has yellowish feathers (rather than green like how it ideally should be) and can't fly at height (drops to the floor after 2 seconds of flying ) It was flying...
  5. S

    trouble with squawking, please help

    so i'm lucky enough to bring lola (GW macaw) to work where she used to be good as gold, shed let off the odd squawk as expected from a parrot but just recently she is getting worse. i can see people are getting a little fed up with it (which you cant blame them for) and i'm afraid that if she...
  6. S

    Love bird help needed!

    I bought a lovebird about a month ago off a breeder, she was the last one left. She is very beautiful, all white. The only problem is she is terrified of my hands and any movement near her cage! This is making it a nightmare to tame her, please does anyone have any tips of making her less scared...
  7. hamza.ayub

    Help my parrot hates me

    I have come back from work and I see my parrot on top off the door so I told him to step up on me and he did than I went to show my friend the parrot on my shoulder than he attempted to attack me I am soo not happy if he will carry on with this I will sell him or let him free wild in the forest...
  8. D


    :rainbow1:Hi, We just got a Pineapple Green Cheek Conure from an old pet shop owner who wanted to try to have a bird as a pet again but realized he didn't have time. He got him from a breeder and hand weaned him and he is now 6 months old. He was the Only pet in the household. He's healthy but...