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  1. Abdull

    New Member with a question

    Hi all, I am new here and I have joined your forum to be a part your birds friendly forum to share and learn from some of the stories. We bought a plum-head back in Nov 2022 and he "That's what the owner of the shop said, the bird is a male" was 3 months old. The bird is cute and I have 3...
  2. G

    This forum is AWESOME !! :D

    I have my plum-headed parrot for 4 days and she already trusts me :) I followed exactly what the mambers of the forum old me and i can see her improvment :) :) Thanks a lot guys, I LOVE YOU :D
  3. G

    Need advices about my plum-headed, I am new owner and forum member..

    Hello everyone, I just got a female plum-headed parrot her name is Nami,she is 3 years old.. :) The pet shop owner didn't said many things about taking care of her only the basics,when i have to change the litter box and when to change food and water :/ Can someone help me? I want to know...
  4. G

    My plum-headed parakeet is trying to escape and it is stressful what to do?

    I just got a new plum-headed parakeet, it is a female one an i call her Nami, sh is about 3 years old and she was born in captivity.Actually this is the second day I have her with me. She is afraid to it and when she is trying to eat sunflower seeds she drops the down. She tried to escape...
  5. O

    Plum Headed Parakeet - Advice Needed

    My wife and I recently put a deposit down on a male plum headed parakeet baby. We currently have an 8 month old female green cheeked conure (pineapple) that has been a joy to live with. There really is next to no information on keeping plum heads as pets on the internet, just a couple videos...