My plum-headed parakeet is trying to escape and it is stressful what to do?


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Jun 1, 2013
I just got a new plum-headed parakeet, it is a female one an i call her Nami, sh is about 3 years old and she was born in captivity.Actually this is the second day I have her with me. She is afraid to it and when she is trying to eat sunflower seeds she drops the down. She tried to escape pushing her head through the cage cellings but it didnt fit.I tried feeding her with my hand bt when she bite the treat she started claping her wings and went to the other corner.. Any suggestions? :confused: :( :confused:
It's only been 2 days with you, so she is still going through a big adjustment.
Is Nami in a new cage at your place or same one she was in prior?
Is she eating at all?

Please share what background you know about Nami from before she came to you.
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She is in a new cage and a new enviroment as well..
I think she ate when i let her alone in my room and the leftovers are in the "liter box" :/
She is a 3 years old plum-headed parakeet, i am her first owner,she was in a pet shop, she is a healthy bird with no problems,the pet shop owner said that she is doing all these stuff because its her first days..what can i do to calm her down?
I'd just leave her quiet for a few days. As has be said, she's gone thro a massive change.
If the evidence is that she's eating I'm sure she'll be fine in time.
Good luck :)
See if there is odd lighting over or near the cage.Then check for subsonic sounds coming from somewhere.
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I will just follow the tips the other guy gave me and if it wont help i will follow yours.. :) Thank you :)
Just sit by her cage, and talk to her. Get her used to you & your voice. You cannot force yourself on her. Her curiosity about you will take over, and she will want to be with you after some time. Just have patience, and go slow with her. A lot has changed in her life, and she needs time to understand what is going on.
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I keep that in mind all the time :)
Thank you buddy :)
She was a pet store bird for three years??? No wonder the poor think is frightened...what a new world she is in now! She will need time and patience... Good luck! :)
Is she friendly??? To me she sounded terrified.....
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I will do my best trying to bond with her and make her feel happy and comfortable :)
Today i gave her a treat and took it from my hand through the cage celings i think she likes me :)
Thank you and good luck with your parrot as well :)
Sounds like you and Nami are already making friends. Sounds like you know what you are doing to make her comfie. Keep us posted. Let's a see some pics when you are ready.
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Se feels more comfortable with me now :)
I haventa get her out of her cage yet, when i get her out i will post some pictures :)

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