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    My Kiwi is going through his First Molt.

    Is there anything i should know or do for him in this time? THIS IS WHAT I HAVE DONE AND NOTICED SO FAR: I noticed he is a little more sassy than usual. Is that a part of the molt? (like he is a little less social with me...he isn't hand tamed 100% but the little he usually allows me to do he...
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    Starting miniature painting, need advice.

    So I'm thinking of going into painting minis. An old, artistic spark I once had in my younger years got re-ignited thanks to the youtube rabbit hole. However, I've lived with birds for a lot longer then that spark has existed and I'd like to go in prepared for a number of reasons. I've done some...
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    My baby bird is showing unusual behaviour, please help

    Hi there, I have a baby female Indian ring neck that I’ve had for 3 weeks. I hand feed her myself 4 times a day using a dropper n baby mix. She is 5 weeks old now she is overall, in my opinion, healthy. She is active, runs around, screams, and asks for food when it’s time, however, today when...
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    Newbie Green Quaker

    Hi My name is Andy & i'm 67years old married with 3 daughters & 4 grandkids.I also have 3 dogs ( molly,rosie and lucy all ladies ) and we have just got a green quaker parrot 25 weeks old and called him alfie.I would like to ask or be pointed in the right direction for the answers to what i think...