1. ~CinnamonSpice~

    Coconut Water Recipe

    Coconut Water Recipe 1. Get a cup 2. Fill cup with Water until full 3. Put Coconut Oil in a paper plate/paper bowl. 4. Microwave Coconut Oil for 50 seconds WARNING: Could be Hot 5. Carefully bend paper plate in half with Coconut Oil in it 6. Pour into cup 7. Stir 8. Enjoy! Don’t let your bird...
  2. I

    Newest round of parrot chop...

    This is my 3rd or 4th batch of parrot chop (I make pretty massive quantities typically that last me well over 4 months in the freezer). I want to say I'm getting better, yet each variation I seem to run into a new issue. I figured I'd share this round in case it's somehow helpful to someone...
  3. F

    What we feed our parrots - chop feeding & preparation and pellets

    This is a video on how we feed our flock! I hope it helps somebody. Just a disclaimer that just because this is how we feed our flock doesn't mean that it is what you SHOULD feed them. Ingredients and routine preferences vary widely between parront to parront :) :green2::grey:
  4. R

    Birdie Bread!

    So I don't have a lot of fresh fruits and veggies on hand (I know, I know!) so getting fresh food in Peppers' diet has been...*sigh* Well, not the best mommy in that department... So I was looking at birdie bread and there are some recipes that are a little complicated and since I don't have a...
  5. HusseinBerjaoui

    Time saving recipe

    When I'm really busy, I just chop every possible veggie, fruit and beans, I mix them together in a bowl and I keep it in the fridge. I get Mango's eating bowl and I fill it with this mix, and he eats almost everything. Since our food is varied, my parrot's is too. We both win !
  6. Dacombe

    Egg Suprise - A New Recipe

    Hello, I have just invented a recipe for my Eclectus Parrot, Rupee, and I thought I'd put it on here for others to try. You'll need an egg poacher (I used a microwave one which makes it really easy!). 1 Egg Seeds Assorted vegetables to your parrot's taste. 1. Crack egg open into poacher, wash...