ring neck

  1. Halsies

    Blue ring neck

    Hey guys! I'm new here and just wanted to ask if enyone can help me find out what kind of a blue color my male ringneck is.. Hope you can see it well on the images. Thanks in advance! ☺️
  2. K

    Baby ringneck not eating

    My baby ringneck will not eat, I want to clarify that i am fairly expirienced with handfeeding parrots but this is new to me for context So my irns had two babies one had splay legs so i took it for hand feeding about 3 weeks ago. 4 days ago when i was checking the other baby in the nest, the...
  3. T

    Ringneck feathers

    Hi everyone, Please can someone have a look at my babies feathers and tell me if this is normal. He is a pied ringneck and just turned two in September. He had a healthly diet. Sprouts, veg, fruit, pellets seeds however I noticed his feathers are getting blackish.
  4. G

    Advice needed for our first ringneck bird

    Hi we are buying our first parrot & well excited, we are told he is 12 weeks old but selller has no proof ive been you tubing to check what a 12 week old ringneck should look like & been told to Look at the eyes, can someone just help us confirm if this ringneck is young please as we are new to...
  5. A

    Alexandrine behavior

    Hello everyone im new to this forum i have a question regarding my alexandrine He/she is 5 months old weaned and stopped making the baby cooing noises since it was 3 months old. These pst few days he/she has being doing them all the time. I really want to know why because the past two months...
  6. Senseless

    Ringneck Weaning advise

    How do you guys recommend weaning Indian Ringnecks and what age is okay to start? First time I'm handfeeding this species. He/she is currently 5weeks old and I've been hand raising for 3 weeks now. I have 4 birds I'm currently raising, two different pearled cockatiels and 2 Indian Ringnecks...
  7. P

    Escaped Indian Ring Neck parrot abandoned by owners advice needed

    Hi every one I posted a little while ago to try and get help in identify a green parrot that we discovered in trees near our house and it kept flying in to a neighbours garden to feed. It turned out that it was a Indian Ring Neck Parrot and its name is Chester. I found owners they said they...
  8. S

    Rigsby the fearful

    Hi, I'm a newbie to forum and parrots so would appreciate advise. I bought Rigsby in November 2015 from a lady claiming it was her mothers and ill health forced sale. Since discovered that she advertises to rehome rescue parrots. The week I bought Rigsby she sold another ringneck and a macaw...