1. RingneckRave

    Bird pictures from botanical gardens

    Photo dump! Here are a bunch of pictures I took at Wagga Wagga botanical gardens NSW one time, can't remember when. It's so cool there, I suggest pop in if any of you Australians cross in through there, they have many birds. There was a female rainbow lorikeet, and I kept seeing different...
  2. N

    Hello from Lehigh Valley Pennsylvania!

    :62:Hi all! My name is Julia and together with my husband and a handful of volunteers we run a small sanctuary for special needs parrots. We have 25 avian members in the asylum LOL! 3 male Budgies (The 3 spoogers) - Dude, B.B. & Sprite, 2 Greys (girls) - Magii (CAG) & Voodoo(TAG), 4 'toos -...
  3. S

    Looking for a volunteer buddy at a Parrot sanctuary

    Hi all, I'm new to this forum. I am drawn here to spread awareness about an amazing parrot rescue in the Seattle area called Zazu's House Parrot Sanctuary. Find their website here: This parrot sanctuary is a cage-free environment, with real trees and plenty of toys and huge...
  4. G

    Greeting from The Global Nest Exotic Bird Sanctuary

    Hello, we are The Global Nest Exotic Bird Sanctuary. My wife and I currently have 29 birds that have a forever home here. We do not breed, sell, or adopt our birds out to people. I have been working with parrots for over 48 years and help people from all over the world with problems they have...
  5. Z

    Zaksee bird rescue and sanctuary

    Zaksee Bird Rescue And Sanctuary Our mission is to be one of the top Florida Exotic Avian Rescue and life-care facility for captive exotic birds. In particular, we will be a refuge for Hyacinth Macaw,Cockatoos, Green Wing, African gray, Eclectus, Sun Conures and other Exotic birds . Zaksee...