1. Rico_Tiel

    Is it normal to want to eat your bird’s food?

    Every. Single. TIME I look at pellets/treats/seeds/whatever bird food related, I want to eat it. Have you seen that zupreem pure fun for African Greys? Does that not look absolutely delicious? How about pretty bird pellets? Those look yummy too! Zupreem, Harrison’s, Higgins, etc all look really...
  2. K

    Safflower Seeds?

    My little Meyers will do anything for safflower seeds. She also loves to forage and have found many places in her cage to hide these little seeds to keep her busy. I probably hide about 10 in her cage and she has so much fun finding them, but I don’t want her to gain weight as well. How much...
  3. Violet_Diva

    Old Seeds - How Dangerous To Eat ?

    I'm worried as Bella found a small cup of seed that I forgot was there. I think they have been out in that cup for a couple of weeks! :confused: They haven't been in a sealed container, They haven't been in direct sunlight, They haven't been soiled or moistened in any way... I'm now feeling...
  4. PockyMommy

    CAG wont eat pellets or seeds

    So I'm having trouble I guess weaning the CAG I got back in early June. You can find the info here old thread Now he's able to eat solid food. He'll eat the cereal mix that the bird store sells and he eats nuts and fruit at times. He won't eat his pellets and won't eat his seeds. I would...
  5. D

    Sprouting seeds for baby conure?

    My GCC is about 7 weeks old, and I just recently adopted him from a breeder. He is weaning from his formula and eating lots of seeds and pellets now. I read somewhere that it was necessary to feed baby birds sprouted seeds, or at least better for them. I noticed my baby conure (His name is Guac...
  6. C

    How long do cockatiels live on average if they live off of exclusively seeds??

    I purchase cockatiel seeds that have a mixture of dried vegetables, and fruits I think. I've tried pellets, I've tried fresh vegetables, I've tried fresh fruits, I've tried boiled eggs, I've tried cooked chicken, I've tried cooked rice, multi-grain bread, cooked yams, and cooked sweet potato...
  7. JennyB

    How long to Freeze Seed Mix?

    I always throw the new bags of seed mix in the freezer for a couple hours. Is that long enough, or should I leave them overnight? Does anyone freeze their pellets? Also, I always store the seed mix and pellets in airtight, Tupperware-like containers under the cages... Is that alright or...
  8. V

    Safe to use a treat??

    I made a bread yesterday including the following ingredients: Hazelnuts Walnuts Pistachios Sunflower Seeds Pumpkin Seeds Golden Flax Seeds Psyllium Husk Powder Quinoa Flakes Banana Honey Coconut Oil Water Thanks for your answers :D