1. T

    What sex is my 8 month cockatiel?

    Hi, so I got a cockatiel yesterday and I am wondering what sex he/she is. I know that it is 8 months old. Thank you in advance!
  2. R

    Help identifying sex of new budgie, and color mutation if possible.

    I'm looking for help with the grey bird (Stormy) in the following pictures, it is full flighted and was not hand tame at all so it bumped its nose a bit on walls before it found its cage, visited vet and bird is completely fine aside from the bruises and scraped up cere, I waited a week for the...
  3. R

    Help sexing my Clear Eye American Yellow budgie

  4. R

    Help in sexing budgie

    Hello friends. We recently (2 weeks ago) brought two new budgies home. They are both around 5-6 months old. One is definitely a male with a strong blue cere. The other however, named Pickles, is causing us to scratch our heads a little. We originally thought he was male as the cere is pale...
  5. A

    Wondering about the sex of my Ringneck

    Hi ya'll. This is Dara, my 17-month-old African Ringneck. Wondering if you can help me figure out Dara's sex via the color or shape of their head. Dara occasionally walks over to a mirror and will give it a little lick with eyes that pin, but not often. No heart-shaped wing motions. Dara...
  6. BirdMama11

    Boy or Girl?

    I have had this budgie since April of 2018, and his or her cere has never changed color. I figured that it's a she, but I wanted an expert's help, so I came here! I found it concerning her cere has never really changed color considering i've had her for almost two years. If someone could help...
  7. Midnightstarian

    Male or female?

    I have a budgie who the pet store claims to be 8 weeks they told me it can't be sexed this young. I joined a facebook group and they told me the budgie cant be sexed this young. Now i'm confused and i don't think i trust either group so iv'e come here sense i feel like a lot of here people have...
  8. H

    DNA sexing wrong?

    My 4 month old Pineapple GCC has been acting strange lately. She grabs my finger with her beak and puts either one or both of her feet on it, and fluffs up a bit and wags her tail. Does this mean she is trying to mate with me? The breeder DNA sex'd her female, but I'm not convinced she isnt a...
  9. eyalovespico

    budgie gender trouble?!?

    i got my albino baby at a pet store a month ago! I've never had birds before so i didn't know anything about gender and stuff and they didn't tell me at the pet store. i researched and came to the conclusion that pico was a boy due to the hints of blue at his/her cere. but I got girls from a...
  10. B

    housing bourkes together

    Long story so I'll jump right in. I recently adopted a rosy bourke from petsmart through CNYSNAP, she is terrified of me. Ive had her almost two months and she still makes a hissing noise at me when I cover/ uncover her cage and when I change her food/water. She seemed pretty lonely so I started...
  11. Are They Male And Female

    Are They Male And Female

    Please help to find Are they male and female just started to pet
  12. B

    Is my little fella boy or girl

    Hi just need help figuring out, or to be sure I should say that this little fella is a male.
  13. S

    Gendering and identifying a rescue cockatiel

    We received this cockatiel almost 6 months ago, and while he is still unhand tame to any one with dark hair, "Drake" is a mystery. We know he is about 2 years old, however, recently with the molt going on (across nearly the whole house for all the birds) he appears to be losing some of the...
  14. T

    Is this a boy or a girl?

    I've recently purchased a new budgie, do you think it is a boy or a girl?
  15. S

    So, are my weiros boys?

    In another thread, I've discovered that Doris is probably a boy. Here are my birds, Tony is the one with the cheeks and Doris is the grey one. Are they boys? If Doris is a boy, I think I will rename him. Any suggestions?