1. Emi&Tlayu

    Ideal water temperature for parrots to shower?

    I saw a conversation on instagram on how all these people's conures preferred colder showers. I wonder if that translates into other species aswell. I wanted to ask opinions and experiences on your birds' showering habits, specially temperature and how often they do. My amazon doesn't seem to...
  2. E


    I recently bought a shower perch for my conure. Should he be in there while Im cleaning myself too or is it something thats its just him and im near by? If i can be in there can I use scented soap?
  3. K

    Shower w/ Birds Do and Don'ts?

    Ok so, as some of you might know, I was given a macaw as a surprise gift (Warning: NOT A GOOD IDEA) but either way, I read you can take showers with your birds. I also know birds are particularly sensitive to scented things. If I have scented shampoos should we get rid of them? Are there certain...
  4. 20211116_184909.jpg


    He loves to lay down for "His" nap covered in a blanket, after his shower. He sleeps about 15 minutes then he gets up to play.
  5. quackerz

    Conure avoids people after shower

    Hello, My conure is cuddly. Yes he is, trust me and I won't elaborate on that. However after show when still wet, he always wants to be alone and won't step up or interact. He becomes cuddly again when he is complete dry.. Just wondering if this is a common thing or do I need to have it...
  6. M

    New birdie showering question!

    I have had my eclectus for almost a month now, he’s been adjusting really nicely, talking and sqwaking, preening, all normal behaviors. I can tell he’s still unsure about a lot in my house and I’m wondering when I should start introducing him to showers here. His old mom used to just put him in...
  7. texsize

    Bella update

    Bella is doing very well right now. She has finally got to the point that she enjoys taking a shower with me. The first time I tried this she screamed like it was the end of her world. Now she flappers her wings and really gets into it. It’s like taking a shower with a fan/breeze. The one...
  8. peachykeen

    "Meditation" Under a Shower?

    I just took my bird Oscar into the shower for the first time and something interesting happened: while under the droplets, she stood very still and closed her eyes. She also let me touch her, which she never does. For a moment I was worried and then remembered that a GCC I follow on Instagram...
  9. natv

    Video - Kiwi taking a shower!

    Kiwi is finally showering on his own, I don't even need to get into the shower with him anymore. If you're trying to get yours to shower, perhaps playing this video for them will help. I tend to make YouTube playlists for mine based on whatever I'm trying to teach him and it seems to work :)...
  10. ann

    How do you shower with your bird?

    I've tried this before, but I find it very difficult. I take black jack onto the shower on my hand or shoulder and he melts in the water :D. He gets completely soaked! However, I have to put him outside the shower when I use soap. I know a lot of people shower with their birds, but isn't the...
  11. Time For Shower

    Time For Shower

  12. HusseinBerjaoui

    Bathing a parrot that cannot be taken out of its cage

    Like how should I give it a shower? Any help? It's his fourth day with me and I have no idea how to give him a shower, please give me instructions
  13. Lindylou277

    Coqui's first real shower: Cuteness Alert!

    Her first sink bath: Coqui's first sink shower - YouTube Her first human shower experience Coqui's First Shower 1 - YouTube She won't get out of the shower Coqui's first shower #2 - YouTube After 30 minutes she finally walked out of the shower! Coqui's first shower - YouTube At 10 years old...
  14. Jennamilito

    Shower perch

    I made gizzy a shower perch using PVC pipe, brackets, suction cups and vet tape
  15. F

    Bird product killed my bird

    Our wonderful happy and healthy lovebird, Bella, died today from a bird wash shampoo. Bird Bath Spray by Four Paws We read the instructions and followed it to the tee immediately after spraying it on her we could tell that she wasn't acting normal so we quickly rinsed it off of...
  16. D

    Teaching a Zon to Shower

    Any ideas on how to get my YNA to start showering? He hates when I mist him, so I stopped doing that. I can bring him into the shower with me, but he'll avoid the water and does not like when I "drip" the water on him. He's only bathed once in his water bowl to my dismay. But honestly, he looks...
  17. JaxAttack

    Dirty Cockatoo

    Hi everyone My first post here :) yay I have a 5 month old Bare eyed Cockatoo. He is a pleasure and allows anything and everything my partner and I do to him. The only thing is he is a little dirty... actually alot. He loves to roll around on the ground to play. He is fully flighted and...
  18. J

    How do you bathe your ekkie?

    I'm a new Eclectus owner (adopted him a few weeks ago) and the previous owner said she would bathe him by lightly spraying him with a garden hose outside... So I've been doing the same thing but Rio doesn't like it! How do you guys give your Ekkie a bath?
  19. I Am Just So Gorgeous

    I Am Just So Gorgeous

    I think he is checking behind his ears are clean
  20. Are You Pointing That Camera At Me!!!!!

    Are You Pointing That Camera At Me!!!!!