sick bird

  1. PippTheBananaBirb

    Signs of a sick bird/how to know when they need an avian vet

    Being able to tell if your bird is sick can save their lives. As prey animals, they need to be able to hide their illnesses, because if they look vulnerable, they are more likely to be hunted by predators. If you notice that your bird is ill, please try to get them to an avian vet as soon as...
  2. D

    Feathers lost over 2 nights??

    So I have two princess parrots, and am having a very unusual issue out of nowhere. The two live in the same cage, and have plenty of time to fly around the house. But yesterday, I uncovered the cage, and the green one (Quro) was missing almost all of her back feathers. The feathers were ALL over...
  3. G

    Parrot puked brown liquid

    Hello, I have an 11 years old Quaker parrot and he puked brown liquid, he does not eat and looks tired... I have never seen it before and could not find any information about it. Thank you. Gili
  4. F

    HELP: My cockatiel is sick

    My 1 year old cockatiel, Chippy had all the symptoms of a sick bird yesterday. Since she woke up she didnt eat a thing, only had water and kept her eyes closed perching in the corner. I immediately separated her from the other birds and put her in her hospital cage. I made sure to give her...
  5. B

    Worried for my budgies health!

    Hi, My budgie Gooses (previously named Turkey) health is concerning me, especially because birds hide their sicknesses so well. I've found her a few times at the bottom of her cage, lying down when I got back from work. She shot right up and got on her perch when I turned on my music though...
  6. P

    Please help!

    Hi everyone, My parakeet, pete, has been with us for a little less than 4 months. Recently, he started becoming super unactive. He eats, but doesn't "scavenge" for food and only eats when the food is close to him (he rarely flies down to his food bowl). He never comes out anymore (he used to...