Bird collar & bleeding toenail?


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May 23, 2023
So my lutino lovebird got his nail trapped and cut in something- I don't know what (though I
am guessing it was the AC's net)
By the time I spotted the wound, the blood had already clotted, but an hour later I was several droplets on blood on his cage & perches, meaning he had picked on the wound and was continuing to do so.
I stopped the bleeding using flour and got him to an avian vet ASAP, the vet there cleaned the wound, put a bandage and prescribed us a painkiller and an antibiotic and suggested us to look for bird collars. In the place that I live, there are not many good pet shops or vets- especially not those who are concerned about birds and so it was not surprising to find out none of them had bird collars.

By nightime, my little birdie had once again picked at his wound and made it bleed much more!
I made a DIY bird collar using a cloth hairband- basically a very puffy, loose, elastic hairband made of fabric and put it around his neck, making it sure it was not too tight. My question is, for how long does the DIY bird collar need to be on? 5 days? a week? more? I know the moment I take it off he will pick at his wound, making me afraid it will lead to even more blood loss. However, on the hand this collar is indeed making him distressed. Moreover, does anyone know how long it would take for the nail to regrow?

Your opinions will be extremely valuable to me, regardless of whether they come from past experience or your knowledge.


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Jan 24, 2023
Windham, Maine
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If you go on Amazon and search for bird collar for feather plucking you will see one for little birds the size of cockatiels, budgies and lovebirds for about $15 for a set of four in bright colors made of soft fabric with a Velcro closure. It actually looks cute on the cockatiel model wearing it.
I think a week wearing the collar and it will be healed enough to take it off.

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