sick conure

  1. R

    Is this pineapple conure ok?

    I just bought this pineapple conure from an online store, to me it looks like, there is some issue with this individual, his feather colours are way too dull, he is eating normally, and seems to behave normally. I'm planning to include multivitamin in his diet, to see if he improves. Please...
  2. O

    Sun conure can’t use beak, been to vet

    I have a 6 year old sun conure who is my whole world. About a week ago, I woke up and noticed she wasn’t screaming. I took her out and she couldn’t open her beak. She was lethargic and couldn’t eat. Keeping one eye half closed. We rushed her to the ER vet in Boston and 3 days overnight and $1600...
  3. R

    im not sure if my conure is unwell or not

    I have two conures, cinnamon (female, olive) and green cheek conure (male, rio). both are bonded and share the same cage. I was gone for 4 months so im not sure what their activity level or diet was like (even though i specifically ask ed for mainly pellets diet with fruits and veggies and...
  4. S

    Green Cheek 'Sweet Baby'

    Hello all, I'm new to this forum. The reason I joined was because my significant other has a Green Cheek Conure that I love to pieces, even though it wants to bite me all the time. Of course being bonded to one person is what it is all about and I'm not that person which is sad in itself but...
  5. T

    worried about my new Conure

    Hi! about 2 weeks ago i got a 7 month old Green Cheeked Conure called Kiwi. Kiwi was born with only one foot but i was told it doesn’t seem to bother him and i don’t think it does. From getting Kiwi he seems to be a bit off, i was told he was a sweet funny cuddly bird and as he is becoming more...
  6. Artee

    Sun Conure Laying down Acting weird. WORRIED!

    I brought Artee my 3 month old (hand-raised) "pied" sun conure from a local breeder, about 1 month ago. he settled in fine once we got him a new cage and put him in my room with me with plenty of windows and air and sunlight. Everything has been going great, then this morning.. he was his...
  7. D

    Help New Conure Momma

    Hi I adopted a 1 yr old Green Cheek Conure a month ago. Jose now has a cold and the vet gave him antibiotics for the next 10 days. My question is what else can I do to help him? Since being on the meds he has diarrhea. He is my baby and like all my other children I just want to do everything I...
  8. N

    I think my conure threw up? Help!!!

    My conure started sneezing repeatedly but I saw no discharge around her nose and appearance wise she seemed fine (I don’t know her gender but I call her a she). There are some dried fruit in her food bowl which I saw her eat then a few minutes later I saw her bob her head back and forth and...
  9. S

    Young Sun Conure Breathing Issues

    Hey everyone, My 10 week old Sun Conure, Sammy has been showing some strange symptoms indicating he has some respiratory issues. I have noticed that he sometimes sounds REALLY nasally/congested. It sounds comparable to when a person has a cold...just really squeaky. He also sneezes frequently...
  10. KiwiDaConure97

    Conure spitting up food?!

    Hello, my GCC has been doing this for a while now but is doing this a lot more now and is beginning to spit up food with it. When he gets curious of some objects he'll go up to them, bite them, then do a weird dance sort of thing and spit up some food then swallow it. I've attached a video link...
  11. B

    Sun conure is losing feathers around his eyes and his eyes looks swelled up.

    I'm not sure what to do. We recently got him a new cage and this happened after that. My mom threw away all his toys and I think he maybe sad that he has nothing to play with.
  12. D

    Worried about my suncheeck

    I just got a suncheeck from a breeder today. I am worried because his tail is downward. Im afraid he is sick. I have had other two conures and never saw them put their tail like that. Also, my brother got a sun conure and his tail was downward too, his bird died two days later. We dont know the...
  13. B

    Sick conure sneezing? help!

    I have my little boy rocky who has been sneezing lately His nostrils are all red but he's eating fine and there is no difference in personality he is still very active and not fluffed up. I thought that possibly it could be from him bathing himself and getting water in his nose but I'm not...
  14. T

    Help! Green Cheek with liver and heart issues.

    So, my green cheek, Toots, started acting sick about a week and a half ago. At first I thought she had something contagious, like a cold, but she only acted lethargic for a day before she snapped out of it. Everything went back to normal for a few days, until during the night, she fell from her...