sick indian ringneck

  1. maribo

    Demanding a refund

    got a bird last month an Indian ringneck he’s four months now, and it’s been a roller coaster with this birdie. Before we took him home The breeder said that he was healthy and he tested negative for psittacos and he was a male. This past month we’ve done so many testing because the vet said he...
  2. K

    Sick ringneck parrot

    Hi i have a parrot green infian rick neck He is having the following problems since a year tried all the medicinal help dint work . Vet here dont do a good job . 1- shivering when someone comes near it 2- starts to poop watery when some neAr it 3- smelly odourr 4- one eye is clogged or...
  3. H

    4 weeks old IRN is sneezing and not acting well please help.

    Hello people! First of all, I'd like to thank everyone for this amazing forum, forums like these help us keep an innocent soul healthy! I bought a 2 weeks old Indian ring neck 2 weeks ago, the breeder told me to feed him Nestle's Cerelac and nothing else. I've been feeding him well with a 3ml...
  4. R

    Abnormal feces, red and green?

    I've noticed that my Indian Ringneck has been leaving green poop with slightly red urate. It also seems a bit watery. I've also seen him standing on one foot. He isn't sneezing, and hasn't got any nasal discharge. There seems to be a lot of downy feathers on the bottom of the cage, though he has...