society finches

  1. bonitabird59

    Name suggestions for Society finch babies?

    Hi guys! I have a pair of society finches who I LOVE TO DEATH. I know they aren't parrots, but they're the sweetest things and they remind me of parrotlets with their curiosity levels. My male is named Cookie, he is mostly chocolate brown with white on him and some brown speckles. He was born...
  2. bonitabird59

    Questions about society finches

    Hi! I know that finches aren't parrots, however they're birds and I feel as if maybe some of you could help me out. About 2-3 months ago, I adopted Cookie, a society finch that was hatched from two society finches at a chain pet store that I work at. He was very young when he lost his toes, and...
  3. ann

    How to move society finch chicks?

    Hello, my society finches recently had two chicks! This is the first time I have had a clutch of more of than one chick, so I am ecstatic! I always tame one baby at a time, so I never see how chicks interact with each other. Now with two chicks I can see them grow and interact together :). But...